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Omnimagic Armor

Greatcoat (long heavy coat the provides protection against cold and rain, as well as some armor effect).

Armor/shield bonus: +1; No cap on Dex Bonus; No Armor Check Penalty; No Spell failure

Greatcoat, armored (as above but more heavily armored)

Armor/shield bonus: +2; Max Dex: +6, Armor Check: -1; Arcane Spell Failure 5%

*Any Greatcoat can be worn over light armor and the bonuses stack.

** Any Fighter with a military background can buy weapons and armor at a 25% discount.

Omni Military Uniform features layers of cloth and leather.  The outfit includes standard issue knee high boots and bracers. This is considered ceremonial and everyday garb for most Antochian Militia. The armor is interwoven with Zatchium giving it extra protective qualities. 

Omni Armor  (Half/ Full)  studed

(Half)The breast plate and shoulder guards of this armor are stiff to provide extra protection, but still allow a good level of mobility, the rest of the armor is made of softer more flexible material.  This armor comes with knee high boots and bracers. (equivalent to leather armor as base)Magical runes trace the edges of the armor giving it an additional protective boost.  Faint abjuration.

(Full) Like the Light version except extra protection is added to the front, back and sides.

Omni Plate Half

Omni Plate Full

Omni Battle Half

Omni Battle Full

 Armor Bonus
 Max Dex Bonus Armor CK             Penalty
 Arcane Spell Failure
 Speed Weight
Omni Military Uniform 320 gp +2+ 9 0 0%/ 15% 30'/ 20' 5 lbs
Omni Armor H 520gp +2/ +1 +8 0 5%/ 20% 30'/ 20' 8 lbs
 Omni Armor F 1350 gp +3/ +1+ 6 0 5%/ 20% 30'/20' 10 lbs
 Omni Plate H 3670 gp +4/ +2+ 5 -1 10%/ 25% 30'/20' 15 lbs
 Omni Plate F 5360 gp +5/ +2+ 4 -3 20% /25% 20'/15' 25 lbs
 Omni Battle H 7850 gp +6/ +3 +3 -4 25%/ 35% 20'/15' 30 lbs
 Omni Battle F 10520 gp +8/ +3+ 2 -5 30%/ 40% 20'/15' 40 lbs

The cost represents the open market cost you would find for the the armor. 

Armor Bonus
omnimagic armor has a base armor bonus and each armor grants a deflection bonus as well through the omni magic energy. The first number is the base armor number and the second number is the deflection bonus.  

Arcane Spell Failue
2nd % is for non proficient use

Omni Battle Armor (Light/ Heavy) Full


Omni Plate Armor (Light/Heavy) Breast Plate/ Banded