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Elam Genasi

The roots of the Elam Genasi where born during the Great War. Powerful elemental lords rose up to do battle in the war. Raising armies of humans to help them in their campaign to rule supreme. To give there warriors a decided advantage they bound their power within them giving them elemental traits and magically linking the lords with there troops. When the lords were defeated their destruction sent a magical shock wave thru the remaining militia. Part of their being forever changed as there elemental traits were fused within them. Lacking direction and uncertain they withdrew from the battle isolating themselves within small hidden communities. As time passed and the world healed they emerged as four distinct people. 


Elam Genasi inhabit the Southern continent, split into Four Great Empires. Each Elem Genasi race rules an empire. Trade and politics between the four empires runs relatively smoothly, though skirmishes due occur on occasion. The Elem Genasi travel far and wide exploring their world so they can be seen in many different ports. 


Elam Genasi have tales of a powerful spiritual leader that combines the essence of all Four Elem Genasi. This fabled character is known simply as the Avatar and apparently has the role of peace keeper amongst the races, Though no one has ever seen this avatar tales of his or her existence still persist. Divine castors draw their spiritual powers from the elements that are their heritage.

Air Genasi

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