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Fire Genasi

Fire Genasi are hot-blooded, proud and unafraid to take action. They are most often neutral. They appear mostly human, with one or two unusual traits reflecting their quasi-elemental nature, such as reddish skin and hair that waves like flames, or eyes that glow when the Genasi is angry. They prefer to dress elegantly and professionally; having their day to day outfits almost appear as uniforms. Often though their clothes take on a stylized flame design and they have a preference for red and black leather and silks, and harlequin patterns. They take great pride in their appearance, customs mean everything and breaking such customs yield hard penalties. In Fire Genasi society their quick emotions can lead to embarrassing circumstances so customs, manners, behavior and social protocol are strictly adhered to. Punishments for breaking these can be terribly harsh, including exile and death.

Fire Genasi are usually thought of as hot-blooded and quick to anger, and they have earned that reputation. Mercurial, proud, and often fearless, they are not content to sit and watch the world pass them by. You do not want to get in a battle of wills with a Fire Genasi , for they have little remorse or compassion for those that challenge them. Fire Genasi have obvious physical traits that mark them as different from humans. 

Fire Genasi are obviously not fully human, having mostly human features except for one or two exceptional traits related to their elemental ancestor. Some examples of these features are:

·               Deep red skin

·               Red/orange hair that waves like flames

·               Eyes that glow when the Genasi is angry

·               Unusually  very warm skin

·               Highly angular and pointed features

Fire Genasi Racial Traits

+2 Intelligence, Fire Genasi have bright minds

Medium size. 

Fire Genasi base speed is 30 ft.

Low Light up to 60 feet. 

Control Flame  1 /day per 5 HD you can use the power Control Flame at the Genasi's HD 

Produce Flame 1/ day per 5 HD you can use the spell like ability Produce Flame at the genasi's HD

Elemental Bloodline You have taken on some aspects of the type of element that infuses your flesh. 

No penalty from smoke, even the thickest smoke does not bother them or obscure their vision
. Gain DR 1 fire 

(+1 / 5 HD)

Cold Vulnerability Cold spells and cold effects due 1.5 x dmg. Very sensitive to cold environments and can take 1 con pt dmg per hour in freezing weather or conditions. 

Outsider: Fire Genasi are native outsiders; due to their elemental blood, however on Ilysador they can be resurrected. 

Automatic Languages: Ignan 

Bonus Language: Common 

Favored Class Wizard

Genasi Favored Class Options

Cleric able to choose the Fire domain, in addition to any other allowed domain. 

Wizard  gain a +1 to caster level for all fire type spells cast