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Water Genasi

Water Genasi are patient and slow to change, preferring to wear away opposition slowly, but are capable of great violence in extreme situations.  They are most often neutral.  All have one or more traits that reflect their quasi-elemental nature, such as lightly scaled skin, clammy flesh, blue-green skin or hair, or hair that waves as if underwater.  They dress sparsely, preferring clothing that won't bind when in the water and ripples like water when dry.

Water Genasi are patient and independent, used to solving problems on their own and not afraid to take a lot of time doing so. At times they are fierce and destructive like terrible storms, but more often than not they present a tranquil appearance, despite whatever emotions run underneath that quiet surface. Water Genasi  love taking to the open sea in order to explore, learn, and develop their own personality and place in the world.

Water Genasi look human except for a few distinguishing feature related to their elemental ancestor. Some examples of these features are:

·               Lightly scaled skin

·               Clammy flesh

·               Blue-green skin or hair

·               Large blue-black eyes

·               Webbed hands and feet

·               Small gills

Water Genasi Racial Traits

+2 wisdom, +2 charisma –2 strength: Water Genasi are wise and charismatic but never very strong. They have great fluid personalities and show their emotions easily.

Medium size.

Water Genasi base speed is 30 ft. They swim at a speed of 30 feet.

Low Light up to 60 feet.

Spell-like abilities create water, control water 1/ day (+1/5 HD)

+2 racial bonus on saving throws against Water spells and effects. This bonus increases by +1 for every three class levels the Genasi attains

Breathing Link  1/day You many select one creature within five feet of you and give that creature the ability to breathe water as easily as you do. This supernatural ability renews automatically for that creature until you direct the ability to another creature or withdraw your power from it. The creatures ability to breathe water ends immediately, if you are separated by more than five feet or if you die, at which point the creature begins to drown if it is still underwater. This ability does not hamper the creatures ability to breathe air, nor does it change the creatures ability (or inability) to swim.

Elemental Bloodline: You have taken on some aspects of the type of element that infuses your flesh. DR/ 1 cold (+1/ 3 HD)

+5 to Swim Checks, swim is a racial skill

Can breathe water

Automatic Languages: Aquan, Common

Age: 17+1d6

Favored Class: Cleric

Racial Feats

Improved Water Feats Water Genasi natural water feats become HD dependent and rise in power as they rise in HD.