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The Nasir are a race of fey blooded shape changers and are able to shift freely between human and animal form. They are typically found in isolated communities either in woodlands, mountains or by the coast. They generally keep within the community but do venture into city-states, disguised of course, to watch other races. 

Nasir are playful, friendly and lighthearted. They are competitive and admire friends and hold their friendship and families to be very important. Nasir are vegetarians and do not believe in harming other living creatures unless to defend friends or home. 

Nasir characteristics can vary depending on the clan. Their skin color can range from blue to green to purple hues. Their hair can also vary from jet black to pure white. They are small in stature only standing about 3.5 to 4 feet tall. They usually way between 80 to100 pounds. Their eye color will usually match their skin color however on rare occasion their eyes maybe gold. Nasir men can sometimes have long side burns, but rarely ever any facial hair. The may have pronounced lower canines, furry bodies or closed gill slits in their neck depending on their clan. Another interesting characteristic from their fey heritage is three small gemstones that appear in the center of their forehead in humanoid form. They like to wear simple, comfortable and practical clothes. In animal form Nasir are almost indistinguishable from their normal animals except that the animal is colored the same as the Nasir’s human form. The one unfortunate characteristic of the Nasir is their life span. It is believed that their ancestors performed a crux or broke fey law. Their punishment was that they not only were stripped of their immortality and banished from the Reverie and fey courts but also cursed to with a very short life span. Most Nasir only live at most 50 to 60 years.  

Nasir are cautious of most races except the Night elves. Though their curiosity often leads them into large settlements. They do at times befriend humans and other races if treated well.  They generally assume their animal form when infiltrating settlements outside their woodland homes and work well with the dochar. Nasir sometimes choose a life of adventure to explore the world, as they do have a natural curiosity. 

They tend to rely on clan ties and personal honor. They are wild and value freedom. Some Nasir strongly favor good, family and friendship.

Nasir do not have lands of their own but tend to settle in wild areas away from civilizations where they set up self-reliant villages. 

Nasir may practice nature worship and have celebrations and festivals that are clearly tied to natural events such as eclipses, solstices and equinoxes. Nasir shamans channel the power of nature through a partnership with it. 


Bonus Languages
Sylvan, common, ogre

Nasir Racial Traits

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength, . Nasir are quick and agile, but not very strong and rely on their instincts more. 
  • Small: As small creatures, Nasir gain a +1 bonus to ac, +1 bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 bonus on Hide checks, he uses smaller weapons then a human would and his lifting and carrying limits are 3/4 of those of a medium character. 
  • Nair base land speed is 30 feet. 
  • Low Light Vision: Nasir can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar conditions or poor illumination. 
  • +2 bonus to Athletics & Stealth. Nasir are agile surefooted and athletic. These are all race skills for the Nasir. 
  • Physical abilities scores in animal form are average for animal type. 
  • +1 racial bonus on all saving throws. Nasir are surprisingly capable of avoiding mishaps. 
  • +2 racial bonus on Perception. Knowledge (nature), Survival & Handle Animal skill checks. These are all race skills for the Nasir. 
  • Bonus Feat: Nasir receive one bonus racial feat. 
  • Animal Affinity (Sp): Nasir have a natural affinity with animals. 1/ day a Nasir can cast Charm Animal, Animal Messenger or Calm Animal as a spell-like ability. Caster level is equal to the Nasir's HD.
  • Wild Shape (su) 
  • Shape changer (Ex): Nasir are shape changers, not humanoids. As such, they are immune to spells that specifically target humanoids (including charm person and hold person), but are susceptible to any spells that target shape changers or creatures. 

Age: 12+1d6 

ECL Adjustment: +1 

Suggested Classes: Rogue, Ranger, Dochar (beastbound)
*Note: Beastbound dochar gain the next higher level of their beast shape ability then their level.

Racial Prestige Classes: None 

Racial (arms/armor): None 

Racial Feats: 

Improved Wild Shape (Sp): Upon obtaining this feat a Nasir gains the ability to change form into a Tiny or Medium-size animal (but not a dire animal) and back again, He also gains the ability to use Wild shape three more times per day. 
Prerequisite: Wild Shape 

Extra Shifting (Ex): A Nasir taking this feat adds his class level to the number of times per day that she can normally use wild shape. 
Prerequisite: Wild Shape 

Quicken Shifting(Ex): A Nasir taking this feat allows him to wild shape as a move action and is no longer a full round action. He no longer can take an attack of opportunity when using wild shape. 
Prerequisite: Wild Shape 

Greater Improved Wild Shape(Sp): Upon obtaining this feat a Nasir gains the ability to change form into a Large or Huge-size animal (but not a dire animal) and back again as many times as possible with wild shape. 
Prerequisite: Wild Shape, Improved Wild Shape 

Dire Wild Shape(Sp): Upon obtaining this feat a Nasir gains the ability to change form into a Dire animal and back again . 
Prerequisite: Wild Shape, Improved Wild Shape, Greater Improved Wild Shape 

Legendary Wild Shape(Sp): Upon obtaining this feat a Nasir gains the ability to change form into a Legendary animal and back again . 
Prerequisite: Wild Shape, Improved Wild Shape, Greater Improved Wild Shape, Dire Wild Shape 

Sense Fey(Ex): A Nasir with this feat has the ability to sense any type of fey creature within a 30’ radius. 

Danger Sense(Ex): A Nasir with this feat has an uncanny intuition that warns him of impending danger. This feat grants him a +2 insight bonus on reflex saves. Makes him immune to surprise attacks or being flanked, and gives him a +2 insight bonus on spot and listen checks. 
Prerequisite: Wild Shape 

Racial Drawback: 

Taking a racial drawback allows you to pickup one extra racial feat. 

Magical Mutation (Ex): Somehow the magic in the area of the village you were born in has mutated your wild shaping abilities. When you wild shape the creatures your trying to become does not seem to look right. Creatures have one of the following appearance defect(s): 
  • extra set of eyes 
  • spider eyes 
  • scales (lizard) 
  • extra set of limbs 
  • extra tail 
  • feathers 
  • beak 
  • Insect antenna 
Note: Each defect causes a –4 penalty to your Disguise check bonus.

Racial Level
 Level     BAB Fort Reflex Will Special
 1st +0 +0 +2 +0 Wild Shape