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Taurens are a fierce race. They have developed a strong dislike for all the off worlder’s who are appearing on Ilysador. But do tend to keep up trading relations. Occasionally an individual Tauren will be called by the spirits and will need to travel and leave his homeland and partake of adventure. His immense strength and combat ability are highly valued. 

Tauren exemplify the strong, silent type. They rarely speak or laugh, especially among other people they do not know well. They prefer to let their actions do the talking for them. Many an argument with a Tauren has ended after the Tauren squeezes a bench until it splinters. A Tauren can take a longtime to open up to his companions, but they will find him a great friend and staunch defender once he does. Tauren bear little love for warfare and strife but when riled, they are implacable enemies. Ferocious fighters, they rely on their tremendous strength to carry them through a battle. Moderation in all things and living in harmony with the world are attributes that the Tauren value greatly. Guarding the rugged beauty of the land and maintaining a sense of continuity between past and future generations, they live in careful balance with their environment, Indeed they worship the spirits and elements of the plains on which they live and they commune with the spirits of their ancestors for guidance. 

Tauren are very large and muscular. Males average 71/2 to 8 feet tall and typically weigh between 350 and 400 pounds or more, most of it is muscle; females are a bit shorter and lighter than males. Tauren are terrifically strong, but they lack much fine coordination. Their bodies are covered in a shaggy coat of hair that varies greatly depending on the individual’s family line. Hair can range in color from black to brown to white, with even some multicolored pelts. Their eyes are generally black or brown. 

Tauren mostly wear natural clothing such as animal hides and furs, partly from traditional but can also were most types of leather and metal armor. They prize jewelry of all kinds and often have gems in their coats or wear precious metal horn caps or bracelets on their horns. Tauren have relatively short life spans, reaching adulthood around age 15 and rarely living longer than 80 years. 

Tauren welcome the High Orcs as spiritual brethren. Though the Tauren bears no direct hatred of humans they feel that the aggressive newcomers could be trouble for their land. The Tauren spare no trust for off worlder’s, but in contrast they revere the Night elves. 


Tauren are scattered through out the plains of Ilysador and revel in their new city of Thuao. They enjoy the peace and security of a standing military. Contact with outsiders is usually limited to those who seek out the fine hides and furs the Tauren provide from the herd animals their hunters track and the high quality grains that the Tauren now cultivate. In exchange, Tauren usually get luxury items such as jewels and forged metal tools and weapons. Tauren encountered outside their lands are generally adventurers. Many find work as bodyguards to the wealthy. 


Tauren have a written language, based on the pictoforms rather than an alphabet. Written documentation usually falls to the tribe’s shamans and is done on the side of buildings, clothing, tools or even rocks and stonewalls and other natural formations. Most history and lessons are passed down orally from one generation to the next. Common and Tauren 

Bonus Languages: Orc, Low Common, and Gnoll 

Tauren Names 
Tauren have several names. They receive a name at birth and another during a ceremony to celebrate reaching adulthood. This adult name describes some event in their lives or some notable individuals characteristics, for instance, Black hide, Earthborn, Half horn, River watcher, Storm chaser, Spirit caller, Sun dancer, or Wind runner. A Tauren may also acquire a third name that he uses when dealing with outsiders. 

Tauren Racial Traits 
  • +2 Strength, +2 Constitution or Wisdom, -2 Dexterity Tauren are some of the most powerful creatures on two legs, but his strength comes at a cost to their agility. You can take another +2 to STR if you take a -2 CHA.
  • Large (tall): As Large creatures, Tauren have a –1 penalty to Armor Class, a –1 size penalty to attack rolls, and a –4 size penalty to Hide Checks, Tauren have lifting and carrying limits twice those of medium characters, and have a space of 10 feet and a natural reach of 10 feet. 
  • Tauren base land speed is 30 feet. 
  • Tauren Charge: On a charge a Tauren may lower his head to spear a target with his mighty horns. In addition to the normal benefits and hazards of a charge, this ability allows the Tauren to make a single gore attack that deals 1d8 points of damage, plus 1 1/2 times his strength modifier. 
  • A Tauren may also use a ready action to lower his head and set his horns against a charge, dealing the same damage as above if he scores a hit against the charging opponent. 
  • Weapon familiarity: Tauren may treat Tauren halberds and totems as martial weapons. 
  • +2 racial bonus on handle animal 
  • Tauren receive a bonus racial feat 

Racial (arms/armor): 

Halberd, Tauren 
Tauren use the axe head and spear like spike of this traditional weapon to devastating effect. Wise opponents keep their distance from anybody strong enough and furious enough to carry this large halberd. If you use a ready action to set the tauren halberd against a charge, you deal double damage if you score a hit against a charging character. You can use the hook on the back of the halberd to make trip attacks. If you are tripped during your trip attempt, you can drop the tauren halberd to avoid being tripped. Tauren treat tauren halberds as martial weapons. Cost 50gp, Damage (M) 2d6, Critical x3, Weight 25lbs. Type Piercing and slashing 

Totem, Tauren 
This large weapon looks like an intricately carved tree trunk. The tauren prefer to spend their time decorating and meditating on their totems but they are also perfectly willing to hit foes over the head with them. Tauren treat tauren totems as martial weapons. Cost 20gp, Damage (M) 2d8, Critical x2, Weight 50lbs., Type Bludgeoning 

Racial Feats

Animal Spirit Companion (su): The Tauren has a deep bond with the spirit world and nature. With this feat a Tauren may call forth an animal spirit companion from the spirit world. Calling forth or dismissing the creature is a full round action, the companion remains unless killed or dismissed. This ability functions the same as the druid’s animal companion class ability, except that the characters level -4 is used where a druid level is requried. Killing the spirit companion on the mortal plane sends it back to the spirit world for 1d6 days.  
Prerequisite:  Wis 16,  Handle Animal 5 ranks

Spirit’s Guide (sp): The defense of the Tauren people is one the most important tasks for Tauren. By channeling his spirit and calling upon the power of his ancestors (a standard action) the Tauren gains his wisdom bonus on attack and damage rolls against enemies. He can perform this once per day for every 2-class levels. 

Improved Spirit’s Guide (sp): The Tauren channels the collective warrior soul of the Tauren people. He can call upon this spirit for martial guidance. Once per day, he can gain a morale bonus equal to his class level on attack and dmg rolls and on saving throws. The effects last for a number of rounds equal to his wisdom bonus. 
Prerequisite: Spirit’s Guide, BAB +3

Greater Improved Spirit’s Guide: With this feat the Taurens possesses the ability to channel the spirits power to others as well. The spirits will affect any allies within 30 feet of him. His allies receive a +4 moral bonus on attack and damage rolls and on saving throws. He must concentrate in order to call and channel the spirits energy and he may continue for as long as he wishes. Interrupting the Tauren does not dispel the effects, and the spirits energy lingers for a number of rounds equal to half the Taurens level. 
Prerequisite: Improved Spirit’s Guide, BAB +5, Spellcraft 8

Spirit of the Beast: With this feat the Tauren can call upon his connection to the animal kingdom imbuing himself with the power and force of the spirits of the wild. The Tauren gains a +4 enhancement bonus to natural armor and a +2 enhancement bonus to strength and Constitution. He can summon the spirit of the beast once per day as a free action, and the spirit remains within him for a number of rounds equal to his new constitution bonus. 
Prerequisite: Spirit’s Guide, cha 15, BAB +7 

Pulverize (ex): A mighty blow to the ground with your Tauren totem frightens the spirits of the earth, causing them to shake the ground in their haste to escape. You can declare a Pulverize attempt on a full attack action with your Tauren totem. Instead of making a normal attack roll, you strike the ground with your Tauren totem, Roll damage for the attack, but do not apply the damage to any target. Instead, any creature within 20feet of you must succeed at a reflex save (dc10+the damage rolled) or fall prone. You can use Pulverize only once per round and no more than a number of times per day equal to 1+ your Wisdom bonus. A pulverize attempt draws an attack of opportunity. 
Prerequisite: Wisdom 16, Proficiency with Tauren totem. BAB+8

War Stomp (ex): With an imperious blow of your Tauren totem, you command the spirits of air and earth to batter your opponents. You can declare a war stomp attempt on a full attack action. Instead of making a normal attack roll, you stomp powerfully on the ground with your Tauren totem, potentially damaging any opponents within 20 feet of you. Choose a number of targets equal to 1+your charisma bonus. You deal 1d6 + strength bonus damage. Each target gets a save with fortitude. (Dc10+the damaged roll) or suffer the full damage and be dazed for 1d4 rounds. A dazed creature can take no actions, but if suffers no penalty to ac. You can use war stomp only once per round and no more than a number of times per day equal to 1 + your charisma bonus. A war stomp attempt draws an attack of opportunity/. 
Prerequisite: Cha 13, Wisdom 13, proficiency with Tauren totem, Pulverize, base attack bonus +8