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History: During Earthfall as arcane spell casters desperately defended their home kingdoms in order to keep enemies at bay. The overflow of magical energies poured into the ground causing strange feedback occurrences, the spill over was too much and the population in the area were overwhelmed by the energy.  Many of them that survived developed strange illnesses but were quick to recover.  As the scattered leagues of humans banded together to survive and somehow find themselves a new home inevitably they began having children. These children when born were covered in strange markings all over their bodies. They were segregated from other children but their families raised them as best they could, but always new they were different. As they grew it was found that they would develop exceptional magical abilities.  At each generation more and more children were born like this and not always welcome in their home tribes set out to form a new one.  As rumors spread of the new tribe more and more families came to join.

Today the Vishnaun are thriving race of people but are very secretive and isolated, sometimes referred to as the Chosen of Nethys.  They tend to be a solitary people and very rarely let non Vishnaun into their areas or strongholds. Vishnuan can be found among the ranks of most powerful guilds.  Due to their formidable power many guilds attemnpt to attract Vishnuan amongst their guild members and leaders.  This has made them very powerfully connected politically as well giving them access to privileges and information at the highest levels.

Personality:  The Vishnaun  often have deep intense look as if assessing the full situation silently before reacting.  They are curious  and not easily provoked  by external stimuli.  It may seem at times if they are staring out into space but in reality their minds can comprehend the world around them on many different levels.  Otherwise  there personality depends upon the cabal they are born to.

Appearance: Standing between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 feet, Vishnaun are a medium sized humanoid who tend to be thinner  in frame.  Each Vishnaun is born with almost all of their body covered in strange runes or markings.  They usually have fair skin tone and milky white to no irises in their eyes. Their hair color can be of any range.  They achieve maturity at the age of 15 and only live to the age of around 45. Many postulate that the magical energies running through them are the cause for their short lives, giving them great power but at a great cost.  Vishnuan do not seem to be eefected by age either. They do not atke any penalties for age and most Vishnuan stop appearing to age 25. 

Traits and appearance vary amongst the Vishnaun and some unusual ones have very powerful abilities.

No hair, gold markings and deep golden eyes
+1 DC save on elemental spells

Silver white hair and silver markings on the body, eyes glow with a silver sheen :
+1 spell caster level on all mind effecting spells. +1 DC on saves of all mind effecting spells

Blue Hair, blue eyes and radiant blue markings
Use feat Energy substitution (cold) per cha modifier/day

Fiery red hair and deep crimson eyes, deep red markings, These Vishnaun wear their red markings like a barbarian might wear the war paint of a proud clan.+1 caster level on all fire based spells

Lilac hair and eyes and , purple markings
Use feat Sudden Silent per cha modifier/ day

Deep green hair , eyes and markings
Expanded Knowledge: may retain number of druid spells up to cha modifier, Knowledge (nature) as a bonus race skill

Affiliations: Vishnuan are friendly with all races, though secretive and reclusive they do not harbor any ill will towards anyone.  Their powerful natures often lead them into positions of great importance. 

Alignment: any

Religion:  The Vishnaun believe and feel that the ability to yield magic is somehow a part of being closely connected to the power of life all around them.  They feel that this connection allows them to push and pull the energies of magic. Vishnaun also feel a strong connection to Nethys.

Language: Vishnaun, being of human origins speak a dialect of common their own. 

Bonus Languages: Any. 

Adventurers: Vishnaun adventure in order to perceive more of the world around them. Often they are sent on political missions as negotiators to discuss trade agreements contracts, etc.  Or perhaps a magic finding or information gathering mission.

Racial Traits

+2 Charisma, -2 Con, +2 Intelligence, Charming, enigmatic and smart, though channeling powerful magic energies takes a toll. 

Magical Infusion
The magical energies that infuse a Vishnaun give them powers to discern and use magic with tremendous strength
You can cast Read Magic and Detect Magic as a spell like ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus.
You gain +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft, Knowledge Arcana & Use Magic Device

Magical Fortitude
You receive a +2 racial bonus on saving throws to resist any spells or spell like abilities

Power of the Arcane
You receive +1 on DC saves to all your spells / 5HD 

Magical Affilaition
You receive the feat improved familiar with a -4 to level requirements or if you do not wish to have a familiar you instead choose two schools of magic you are able to access and are able to cast these spells as if your were 2 levels higher

At first level you receive a bonus metamagic feat 

All As One
If a Vishnaun chooses to take levels in a non casting class they still progress on their exising spellcaster levels

Age: 14 +1d4