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Pathfinder SRD

  • Pathfinder rules and mechanics are all located at this site. Everything is easy to find and updated as new material is published.

Fantasy House Rules 

  • Fantasy campaigns based primarily off the Pathfinder system, however some modifications have been made to character creation,  classes and additional material. These House Rules are contained here. 

StarDawn Campaign setting

  • Set far in the future this High Sci-Fi campaign setting is a fast past galactic struggle against overwhelming odds as powerful alien forces seek the destruction of the galaxy.  With energy weapons, powered armor and cutting edge mecha the various races of the Alliance fight a war against the empeding forces of the Necrons and Tyranid armies. This game uses a modified d20 system.

DragonJam Campaign Setting

  • Sci-fi meets fanstasy in this campaign setting based on the Dragonstar system.  This game uses a modified d20 system. 

Planescape Campaign setting

  • Though the Prime Material Plane maybe good for some fun nothing beats adventuring through the planes.  The Outer Planes home to the powers that be; the Inner Planes surging with the primordial power of the elements; the mysteries of the great  Astral and Ethereal Planes. Or explore the twilight depths of the Shadowfell; bargain with the Seelie/ Unseelie courts of the Feywilde and  explore the various demi-planes. With access to over 20 different planes a planewalker is sure find something interesting; from hob nobbing with avatars of dieties to battling the corrupt legions of the lower planes.

Ilysador Campaign Setting

  • This High fantasy - High magic kingdom is brimming with adventure.  Strange new creatures roam the land, powerful new races have risen up, new classes have been forged.  Gateways and portals to other worlds and planes thrust from the landscape. A strange new magic, Omnimagic, emerges. Travel the lands of this newly formed kingdom and battle the maligned forces that wish to claim it for their own.