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Action Points

Action points give character the means to affect game play in significant ways, by improving important rolls or unlocking special abilities. Each character has a limited number of action points, and once an action point is spent, it is gone for good.

You can spend 1 action point either to add to a single d20 roll, to take a special action, or to improve the use of a feat.

Acquiring Action Points

Each player will receive 1/2 their character level +3 in Action Points (Max 10). Action Points may Refresh after each new level or each game segment depending on the DM. All Action Points must be used by the end of each level, they do not carry over to the next level. DM's may alter this by making Action Points refresh at other times such as specific times during the story arc.  

At higher levels you may roll more then one action die. The effect is not accumulative. You take the highest number rolled.  At 8th level roll 2d6 – Take the highest rolled. At 13th level roll 3d6 – Take the highest rolled.  At 18th level roll 4d6. After that it increases +d6 / 5 levels.

You may only perform one action point related action per round. Action Points may be used in the following manner:


Action Point


Action Points

Action Point Feats

·       Increase your Armor Class               

·       Increase effective caster level

·       Replenish Mana

·       Improve an attack roll

·       Confirm a Critical Strike

·       Increase Saving Throw modifier  

·       Stabilize a character

·       Gain extra Standard Action

·       Gain extra use of Spell like Ability or Power

·       Gain one use of a Feat

·       Increase Damage

·       Increase Spell Save DC

·       Ask for DM Assistance



·       Gain DR/ER

·       Gain a critical strike

·       Decrease duration of action

·       Ignore miss chance on Blind Fight Feat

·       Double AC Bonus of Combat Expertise Feat

·       Increase Dodge Feat Bonus

·       Increase Improved Critical Feat

·       Increase Improved initiative Feat

·       Improve Meta Magic Feats

·       Increase Power Attack Feat

·       Increase Spell Penetration feat


Action Boost

Action Surge (BAB+3)

Counter Attack (BAB+6)

Heroic Skill Use

Heroic Action (BAB+9)

Heroic Spirit

Heroic Strike (BAB+5)

Unless stated otherwise the effects below last for 1 round.  “X” = an action point die roll. Normally an action point is rolled with a d6, however certain feats can increase the die.




Increase your Armor Class     

1 AP

Increase your Armor Class by "x".

Increase effective caster level



Increase the effective caster level of one of your spells by ½ “x” (rounded down).  Must decide this before casting the spell.

Replenish Mana


Increase your available Mana by “x” amount

Improve an attack roll


Increase your attack roll by “x”

Confirm a Critical Strike


Automatically confirm a critical strike

Increase Saving Throw modifier


Increase your saving throw modifier by “x”

Increase a skill check modifier


Increase your skill roll check modifier by “x”

Stabilize a character


Automatically stabilize a character

Gain extra Standard Action


Gain an extra standard action. If you make an extra attack it is at your highest attack bonus.  This maybe used for melee and ranged attacks. You may also cast a spell. You may perform any action that requires a standard action. 

Gain extra use of Spell-Like Ability, Supernatural Ability 


Use a class feat you have which is limited to a # of times per day to use it 1 extra time per day

Gain one use of a Feat


Use one feat or skill that you do not have. Skill rank is roll of action point die. Feat is used as written. 

Increase Damage


Increase damage with melee, ranged weapon or spell by “x”

Increase Spell Save DC


Increase spell save dc ½ “x” (rounded down)

Ask for DM Assistance


Stuck …need divine inspiration. Examples would be …how do we get out of this trap, what was the magic word to activate that again, what is this monster immune to, what is the monsters weakness, what did that important guy at the start of the game say again…

Sudden Metamagic                                 1AP          Once per day you may use any of the following Sudden Metamagic                         Feats: Sudden Empower, Sudden Energy Affinity, Sudden Enlarge, Sudden Extend, Sudden Maximize, Sudden Quicken, Sudden Silent, Sudden Still, Sudden Widen. You must have one metamagic feat. 

Gain Spell/ Power  Reuse                        1AP        Gain the ability to cast a spell or use a power that you have used previously that day without spending any mana

Reroll                                                       1AP
The player may reroll the very last roll that they did. They must abide by the result of the new roll. 

Parry                                                        1AP
When struck with a melee attack, you may parry the attack. Make a melee attack roll at your current highest attack bonus (so penalties from power attack et al on your last action would still apply). If you beat the attack roll, that attack misses. Note that since you have already spent an action point on this roll, you cannot spend another to improve it. 

Unless otherwise stated, each effect below requires a free action to activate and lasts 1 round .




Gain DR/ER


Gain or increase DR/ER by “x”

Gain a critical strike


Automatically gain a critical hit (confirmed) against a target. (one round)

Decrease duration of action



Decrease the duration of an single action by one step. Full Round Action becomes Move or Standard Action

Move or Standard becomes Swift or Immediate Action

Swift or Immediate becomes Free Action

Ignore miss chance on Blind Fight Feat


Negate your miss chance for a single attack.


Double AC Bonus of Combat Expertise Feat


Double the bonus to Armor Class granted by the feat. For example, if you take a penalty of -3 on your attack roll, you gain a +6 dodge bonus to AC. (three rounds)

Increase Dodge Feat Bonus


Increase the dodge bonus granted by the feat to +2. The effect lasts for the entire encounter.

Increase Improved Critical Feat



Double your critical threat range. Since two doublings equals a tripling, this benefit increases your threat range from 19-20 to 18-20, from 17-20 to 15-20, or from 15-20 to 12-20, including the effect of your Improved Critical feat. This benefit stacks with the benefit from Improved Critical, but not with other effects that increase threat range.(three rounds)

Increase Improved initiative Feat


Double the bonus on initiative checks granted by the feat, from +4 to +8. The effect lasts for the entire encounter.

Greater MetaMagic Feat



Add the effect of any one metamagic feat that you have to a spell you are casting. The spell is cast at its normal spell level and takes no extra time to cast. You can not use this ability to increase a spells effect above a spell slot that you can already cast. (one round)

Increase Power Attack Feat



Double the bonus on damage rolls granted by the feat. For example, if you take a penalty of -3 on your attack roll, you add +6 to your damage roll. (three rounds)

Increase Spell Penetration Feat



Double the bonus on caster level checks granted by the feat, from +2 to +4. The effect lasts for the entire encounter

Action Point Feats

These feats can be taken like any others, but they pertain strictly to action points.

Action Boost

When spending action points to alter attacks, skill checks, ability checks, or saving throws, you roll an additional die and take the best roll of the group.

Action Surge

You can double the duration or usage of action point action. Prerequisite: Base attk bonus +3


If an opponent misses you in melee and you spend an action point, that opponent is considered to have provoked an AoO from you. Prerequisite: Base attk bonus +6, Parry

Heroic Action

When spending an action point to improve attacks, skill checks, ability checks, or saving throws, you roll d8 instead of d6. Prerequisite: Base attk bonus +9, Action Boost

Heroic Spirit

Your action point maximum is increased by 3.

Heroic Skill Use

Choose two skills in which you have at least 9 ranks. When spending an action point to boost those skill checks, you roll d12s instead of d8s.  Prerequisite: Action Boost, 9 ranks in two skills

Heroic Strike

When rolling damage on one melee or ranged weapon attack, you may spend an action point to add an extra 1.5x damage. Prerequisite: Base attk bonus +5