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Book of Nine Swords Classes

Crusaders are the implacable, spiritual lords of war, similar to paladins in their zeal but without the alignment restrictions that limit those holy warriors. Crusaders only have access to three disciplines, but these three -- Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, and White Raven -- provide them with equal parts conviction, durability, and leadership ability. A number of crusader orders can be found among the faiths of the Realms, including those of Anhur, Tempus & Red Knight, and Torm.

While not all martial monasteries embrace the use of weapons, it is not uncommon to find swordsages in many of the same places where monks are found. With their contemplative, almost scholarly approach to fighting, swordsages have much in common with monks of both a scholarly and an academic bent. Swordsages can be found anywhere that monks and other practitioners of the sublime way train, but they are particularly common among the orders of the Broken Ones and the Hin Fist.

Whereas swordsages are frequently associated with monasteries and crusaders are tied to religious orders, warblades share less of a link with other classes. Monks and clerics tend to be more tolerant of blade magic practitioners in their orders, feeling that these members are simply expressing the order or faith's philosophy in their own unique way. Warblades share a great deal in common with fighters, but their flashy powers often create distance between them and more conventional warriors. Fortunately, there are a few bastions of blade magic that cater to the skill and tactics of warblades in the Realms.