Psionic Classes

A seeker after psionic secrets, a master of the mind and the thoughts of others. May specialize in a powerful form of psionics.  

Psion Advanced Disciplines

Psychic Warrior 
A warrior who combines the power of psionics with a mighty crystal blade 

Psychic Warrior Paths

Psychic Warrior Archetypes

Soul Knife
A warrior who can use his psionics to manifest a weapon of pure mental energy 

A yielder of of pure uncontrolled psionic energy 

Wilder Surge Options

Ardent Mind
Psionic Cleric/paladin type class 

Enlightened Monk (1)
psionic monk variant 

a psionic character who follows a scholarly and reflective road to power instead of a merely self-conscious path

psionic knight

a psionic warlock

psionic healer

Psionic Rogue/Assasin 

psionic masters with ranged weaponry 

uses fears and nightmares to crush the minds of enemies in battle

Thought Singer
Bards who use their psionic powers to create music of the mind

Worldthought Medic

(PXH) - Psionics Expanded Handbook