Diamond Fist Style

Skill Bonus:   +2 on Cencentration Checks

1st Level
Bonus Feat: Psionic Stun

Psionic Stun: Expend your psionic focus to get a +1 bonus to the damage and DC of a Stunning Fist attack. This effect is also active whenever you expend your psionic focus for Psionic Fist or Greater Psionic Fist.

Powers: Biofeedback, Distract, Elfsight, Empty Mind

4th Level
Bonus Feat: Psionic Fist

Powers: Energy Adaptation, specified

6th Level
Bonus Feat: Deep Impact

Powers:  Mental barrier

10th Level
Bonus Feat: Greater Psionic Fist

Powers:Energy Adaptation, Claw of Energy

12th Level
Bonus Feat: Empowered Stunning Fist

Empowered Stunning Fist: For each power point you spend, you get a +1 insight bonus to the damage and DC when performing a Stunning Fist attack. You cannot spend more power points than your level.

Powers: Inertial Barrier