Mind Blade Style

Initiates of Darkblades are not able to form blades at first.  Once they develop in their ability to harness chi they can begin to yield their mind blades. 

Skill Bonus:   knowledge History, knowledge Royalty, knowledge Psionics

1st Level

Bonus Feat: Dark Blade Mind 

You can empower your attacks with your psionic energy. You gain a +1 to hit and dmg when psionically focused


4th Level

Bonus Feat:  Form Mind Blade


6th Level

Bonus Feat: Shape Minde Blade


10th Level

Bonus Feat: Monastic Mind Blade


12th Level  

Bonus Feat: Empowered Mind Blade

For each power point you spend, you get a +1 insight bonus to the attack roll and damage roll with your mind blade. You cannot spend more power points on this Art than your monk level.