Mountain Style

Skill Bonus:  + 2 Strength Checks & Skills

1st Level

Bonus Feat: Crystaline Skin

You gain Damage Reduction 1/- while psionically focused which stacks with other forms of Damage Reduction of the same type. 

Powers: Crystal shard, deceleration, force screen

4th Level

Bonus Feat: Psionic Body

You gain a bonus 2 hp / 2 lvls. 

Powers: Biofeedback, Fortify, inertial armor

6th Level

Bonus Feat: Stand Still?

Powers: Adapt Body, Vigor

10th Level

Bonus Feat: Improved Crystaline Skin

+1 Natural AC

Powers: Oak Body

12th Level

Bonus Feat: 

As a free action, for every power point you spend, your damage reduction from this Ki style improves by 1 point. This lasts for 1 minute and you cannot spend more power points on this Art than your monk level.

Powers: Body of Iron