Shape Minde Blade

Benefit: You gain greater control over your mind blade. As a full-round action, you can change your mind blade to replicate any melee or thrown weapon with which you are proficient. The weapon functions in all ways (except visually) as the replicated weapon. Alternatively, you can split your mind blade into two identical weapons with which you are proficient, suitable for fighting with a weapon in each hand. (The normal penalties for fighting with two weapons apply.) However, both mind blades have an enhancement bonus 1 lower than you would otherwise create with a single mind blade (minimum 0).

Special: If you have more than two hands, you can further subdivide your mind blade, but each additional pair causes the total enhancement bonus on each blade to be reduced by 1. (E.g., a creature with four arms wielding four identical mind blades would have a total enhancement bonus on each of the four blades 2 lower than the bonus with a single blade.) If you have the powerful build racial ability, you can now shape your mind blade into a weapon one size larger and wield it without penalty as per your racial ability.