Sangehirns are those special individuals that devote themselves to healing others. Through strenuous control of psionic power and painful self-exploration, they unlock the bodies flow of protein and sinew, and force these into (or out of) others, effectively sharing health. Naturally, the calling of sangehirn is not for those of weak stomachs. 

Most Sangehirn are helpful, compassionate folk, that are quick to assist others. They can be proud, seeing their power of life and death as a sign of superiority, or they may be cynical about peoples motivations for seeking them out for the most simple of cuts and bruises. More rare are the miracle cure workers, that seek out the rich and desperate, charging obscene amounts for their services, or worse, the malignant leeches, that suck their enemies dry of bodily protein and fluid.

Abilities: Wisdom is the most important ability for a prospective Sangehirn, as many of their class features depend on them, followed closely by Constitution, allowing the Sangehirn to more effectively utilise his life transferance ability, and to keep him alive. Strength may be useful to make those melee touch attacks, and dexerity may keep him out of harms way, but the other skills are of limited usefulness. 

Races: Sangehirn are most commonly human or halfling, both knowing the value of a good doctor in a community. Dwarves also have a fair few sangehirn, though gnomes and elves prefer to use clerics instead. Half-orc sangehirn, as well as monstrous sangehirn are rare but not unknown. 

Class Features: 

Proficiencies: A sangehirn is proficient with light armour and with simple weapons, but not with shields. The sangehirns abilities are not affected by heavier armour, however (like psions). 

 HD d8

Skill Points at 1st level: (2+Int) x4

Skill Points at each additional level: 2 +Int 

Class Skills:

Autohypnosis (Wis), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge- psionics; nature (Int), Profession (Wis), Psicraft (Int), Sense Motive (Wis).

Life Transferance: The primary ability of a sangehirn, where life energy is moved from the sangehirn to the recipient. As a standard action, the sangehirn may touch a willing creature, and take 1d6 points of damage, healing the recipient that amount of damage and leaving a sense of well being. This may be done at will, and can kill the sangehirn if the damage reduces the sangehirn to less than -10hp. The amount taken, and healed increases to 2d6 at 4th level, 3d6 at 8th, 4d6 at 12th, 5d6 at 16th and 6d6 at 20th level. 

This ability may be used offensively, on an unwilling target, dealing damage to the victim, and healing the sangehirn, but requires a melee touch attack on the creature. 

This ability does not affect undead or constructs, only living creatures (including plants), and hp is not healed above maximum hp. 

Soothing Touch: The sangehirn may remove certain afflictions with a standard action and touch (melee touch atk and will save required if unwilling). Only one affliction may be removed at a time. This ability is useable at will, but using more than once in a minute leaves the sangehirn fatigued, and if already fatigued, it renders the sangehirn exhausted, similarly, if already exhausted, it renders the sangehirn unconscious for 1d4 minutes. Soothing touch can be used a maximum number of times equal to half your sangehirn level + your constitution modifier. 

level 1- fear or sleep 

level 3- ability damage or drain 

level 5- disease or blindness/deafness 

level 7- poison/ravage 

level 9- mental conditions (one only) including confusion, insanity, daze, mental illnesses and memory loss (such as modify memory). Does not affect perception of illusions. 

level 13- regenerates one limb, takes 1d4 minutes to regenerate a finger/toe or smaller, 2d6 minutes to regenerate a hand or smaller, 2d4x10 minutes for limb or smaller and 2d6x10 minutes any larger appendage. 

level 15- petrification or polymorph effects (includes natural shapeshifting) 

level 17- may now soothe two afflictions with one touch. 

level 19- permanent damage or level drain 

A sangehirn may use soothing touch on himself as a move action, but no touch attack is needed. 

Natural Vigour: A sangehirn is remarkably difficult to kill, and heals with incredible speed. At 1st level and thereafter, a sangehirn heals damage naturally 4x as fast as normal (including ability damage). He also is automatically stable below 0hp, though is still staggered. 

Bolstered Vitality: A sangehirn learns to resist negative effects with ease and gains the following abilities. 

level 2- sangehirn gains DR/- equal to his level/3 plus his constitution modifier, also becomes immune to the negative effects of high or low temperatures as psionic endure elements. 

level 4- sangehirn gains energy resistance to acid/fire/sonic/electrical/cold equal to his level/2 plus his constitution modifier, and eats twice as much as a normal creature of his race and size, but takes half starvation and dehydration damage. 

level 8- sangehirn may hold his breath for 10 times as long before suffering suffocation, and is now immune to nausea. 

level 10- sangehirn now immune to negative effects of fatigue (not fatigue itself though, just negative effects), and is now immune to effects with the death descriptor. 

level 14- sangehirn becomes immune to effects of pressure and transmutation effects (unless desired). 

level 16- sangehirn becomes immune to sneak attacks and extra damage from critical hits. 

level 20- sangehirn no longer ages normally and suffers no negative penalties for age. Spell effects that cause him to age also fail, and he may not die from old age (unless desired). 

Fast Healing: At 6th, 12th and 18th levels, the sangehirn gains fast healing of that amount. 

Temporary transferance: The sangehirn learns how to bolster creatures beyond its normal capacities. At 7th level, a sangehirn may heal a creature or itself above its normal maximum using life transferance, resulting in temporary hp. The temporary hp remain for an hour and may not exceed 1/4 of the creatures normal maximum. 

At 13th level, the temporary hp may not exceed 1/3 of the creatures normal maximum, and at 19th level, the temporary hp may not exceed 1/2 of the creatures normal maximum. 

Wondrous Resurgence: Probably the most amazing ability of the sangehirn is to bring creatures thought dead back to life. 

As a full round action, the sangehirn touches the corpse and floods it with positive energy, bringing it back to life, losing a level or hd in the process, or if it has only 1 level or hd, it loses 2 constitution. The corpse must be relatively intact and undecomposed (up to 2 weeks old). The soul does not actually have to be willing to return, but is forced back, though many sangehirn refuse to resurrect those who would be considered unwilling to return. A sangehirn cannot resurrection someone who died of old age. 

Use of this ability costs the sangehirn 1000xp, expends psionic focus and renders the sangehirn exhausted.