Psionic Prestige Classes

Arch Psion
most advanced practitioner of the psionic arts 

access both the arcane mysteries of spellcasting and the psionic powers of the mind

renowned for their agile combat stratagems, using their knowledge of motion and space to set themselves up for quick attacks 

psionic yielders focused on power 

A hunter of a type of psionic creature who gains abilities to aid in the chase.


Sighted Seeker

A manifester who has left the need for a physical body behind.

A monk who uses his innate psionic ability to augment his martial prowess.

A wielder of flame, sending bolts of fire at enemies and using their body heat to heal.

A manifester who puts out a psionic call for thralls and believers.

A devastating warrior who learns many secret combat techniques.

Rogueish assassin types that move liek shadows through the world.

Deforming Fist Stylist
Combines terrible psionic powers with martial arts.

Diamond Warrior
similar to a psionic monk class

Manifest powerful psionic abilities through the use of ice.

Inspired individuals who focus their power on reshaping the universe.


master of Astral Constructs 

Crystal Master
the ultimate fusion of man & mineral

Crystal Singer
bard type that uses crystal to create music

psionic Knights who fought against the Illithid invasion

grows a third eye with mystic powers- kind of a twisted monk/Soulknife

Planar Vanguard
psionic Heirophant

a living psychic vampire. 

equivalent to Mystic Theurge

Psychic Weapons Master
a psychic Kensai

psychic healers

Use mind blades at great range 

Anarchic Initiate: Student of the flow of pure psionic energies (wilder) (Complete Psionic p17)

Ebon Saint: Dire strike master (Complete Psionic p22)

Astral constructor extraordinaire 

Euphoric Emplate: Use their emotions thru psionics to bolster others. (file)

Fist of Zuoken: martial artist psions, protectors of psions and psionic creatures (PXH p144)

Flayerspawn Psychic: Embracing illithid heritage (Complete Psionic p30)

Illithid Slayer: psionic ranger types thathunt Illithids (PXH p146)

Illumine Soul: Mind blades of positive energy (Complete Psionic p33)

Storm Disciple: Fervent ardent who loves storms (Complete Psionic p40)

Truth Seekers: (PrC) Elite agents that psychically sniff out corruption in governments. 

Zerth Cenobite: Knows the secrets time conceals (Complete Psionic p43)
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