Psionic Prestige Classes

  • Cerebremancer: A practitioner of both arcane magic and psionic power, wielding both efficiently.
  • Elocater: A master of altering gravity and space, performing seemingly impossible maneuvers.
  • Metamind: A manifester who sacrifices his expertise with higher level abilities to expand his reservoir of power.
  • Phrenic Slayer: A hunter of a type of psionic creature who gains abilities to aid in the chase.
  • Psion Uncarnate: A manifester who has left the need for a physical body behind.
  • Psychic Fist: A monk who uses his innate psionic ability to augment his martial prowess.
  • Pyrokineticist: A wielder of flame, sending bolts of fire at enemies and using their body heat to heal.
  • Thrallherd: A manifester who puts out a psionic call for thralls and believers.
  • War Mind: A devastating warrior who learns many