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Gun-Fu Master

With the emergence of firearms, came a time of doubt. While common archers may be easy to deal with for a skilled monk, bullets, even with common magical protections, proved more lethal than arrows at closer range. Some young cast-offs, unable to demonstrate enough proficiency with unarmed strikes or martial weapons to survive in a fight, choose to adopt these firearms as a legitimate way to prove their true worth. These artists soon became known as gun-fu masters, a self-proclaimed title that they would nevertheless prove worthy of. Using their keen senses, acrobatic moves and martial mastery to perfect their skills at close combat, gun-fu masters consider the battlefield as a complex layout into which every move should be calculated to bring the most destruction, with the quickest moves, at the lower cost – often surprising the enemy with unpredictable moves. Despite being shunned by their pairs, the lethality of their strange martial art inspires a tainted respect among the wisest, even if few would admit it. Gun Fu Master is an Archtype of Monk and uses all the monk abilities except were listed below.

Archtype Modifications

Knowing the Gun 
Knowledge Religion is swapped for Knowledge Engineering
Weapon Proficiencies: A gun-fu master is proficient with all one-handed firearms as monk weapons, and with muskets, double barreled muskets and blunderbusses only.

This proficiency  replaces all regular monk weapon proficiencies. 

Flurry of Bullets (Ex): Starting at 1st level, a gun-fu master can make a flurry of blows as a full-attack action, but only when wielding and firing at least one firearm (even though it is a ranged weapon). Firing or gun-whipping with only one firearm during the flurry imposes a -2 penalty to attack during the round because of imbalance - the gun-fu master must attack with both weapons at least once to take no penalty to attack. He may not make a flurry of blows with his unarmed attacks. A gun-fu master’s flurry of blows otherwise functions as normal for a monk of his level.

A gun-fu master cannot use Rapid Shot when making a flurry of blows with firearms, but is considered as having this feat for the purposes of qualifying for a feat.

This replaces Flurry of Blows Feat. 

Gunsmith: At 1st level, a gun-fu master gains one of the following firearms of his choice: pistol, dragon pistol, or coat pistol. His starting weapon is battered, and only he knows how to use it properly. All other creatures treat his gun as if it had the broken condition. If the weapon already has the broken condition, it does not work at all for anyone else trying to use it. This starting weapon can only be sold for scrap (it’s worth 4d10 gp when sold). The gun-fu master also gains Gunsmithing as a bonus feat.

Gun-Whip (Ex): Starting at 1st level, the gun-fu master can make melee attacks with the butt, handle or barrel of his firearms. When he does, he is considered to be proficient with the firearm as a light melee weapon with the monk property, and gains a bonus on the attack and damage rolls equal to the enhancement bonus of the firearm. Any magical quality applicable to both types of weapons, like flaming, functions when the firearm is used this way ; including specific melee weapon enhancements that would otherwise not benefit a ranged weapon, like the agile property. The damage dealt by the pistol-whip is of the bludgeoning type, and is equal to the unarmed damage dealt by half the gun-fu master's monk level, with a critical multiplier of 20x2.

Gunsmith and gun-whip replace the Improved Unarmed Strike monk bonus feat at first level.

Perfect Strike (Ex): At 1st level, a gun-fu master gains Perfect Strike as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. A gun-fu master can use Perfect Strike with any firearm. At 10th level, the monk can roll his attack roll three times and take the highest result. If one of these rolls is a critical threat, the monk must choose one of his other two rolls to use as his confirmation roll.

This ability replaces stunning fist.

Bonus Feats: A gun-fu master’s bonus feats must be taken from the following list:

Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Quick Draw, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Opening Volley, Crane Style and Rapid Reload.

At 6th level, the following feats are added to the list:

Clustered Shots, Crane Wing, Deft Shootist, False Opening, Improved Precise Shot and Snap Shot.

At 10th level, the following feats are added to the list:

Improved Critical, Shot on the Run, Improved Snap Shot and Greater Snap Shot.

These feats replace the monk’s normal bonus feats.

Snap Reload (Ex): At 2nd level, through quick moves and acrobatic shenanigans, a gun-fu master may reload any weapon for which he possesses the Rapid Reload feat without having a free hand. This doesn't change the reloading time of the weapon.

This ability replaces the monk bonus feat gained at 2nd level.

Guided Hilts (Ex): At level 3, the gun-fu master may use his Wisdom modifier instead of his Strength modifier on gun-whips attack rolls. If he confirms a critical hit with a gun-whip while using a loaded firearm, the gun-fu master may fire it and attack the creature as an immediate action, doing a firearm ranged attack at point blank with the same base attack bonus. Unless the gun-fu master has a feat or ability to not provoke attacks of opportunity by shooting with a firearm, this attack provokes attacks of opportunity from any creature except the creature hit.

This ability replaces maneuver training.

Gritty Ki (Ex): At level 4, the gun-fu master gains a ki pool equal to half his level. In addition, he gains a pool of grit points equal to his Wisdom modifier ; gritty ki counts as the gunslinger's Grit class feature for the purposes of qualifying for feats and deeds. This grit pool doesn't stack with the gunslinger's Grit class feature. A gun-fu master can spend 1 ki point to risk no misfire with his firearms during one round. He can also spend one ki point to make one additional attack at his highest attack bonus when making a flurry of blows attack. Finally, a monk can spend 1 point from his ki pool to give himself a +4 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round. Each of these powers is activated as a swift action. A monk gains additional powers that consume points from his ki pool as he gains levels. The ki pool, including grit points, is replenished each morning after 8 hours of rest or meditation; these hours do not need to be consecutive. Grit points can be spent as ki points ; but the gun-fu master can't spend ki points as grit points.

This ability replaces ki pool.

Guided Firearms (Ex): At level 5, the gun-fu master adds his Wisdom modifier to the damage rolls of his firearms. This doesn't stack with any ability that allows the gun-fu master to add his Dexterity, Wisdom or Charisma bonus to damage rolls with firearms.

This ability replaces high jump and purity of body.

Trick Shot (Ex): At 11th level, a gun-fu master may hit targets that he might otherwise miss. By spending 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action, the gun-fu master can ignore concealment. By spending 2 points, he can ignore total concealment or cover. By spending 3 points, he can ignore total cover, even firing bullets around corners. The bullet must still be able to reach the target; a target inside a closed building with no open doors or windows cannot be attacked. These effects last for 1 round.

This ability replaces diamond body.

Variant Ki Powers

You may swap Gritty Ki for a regular Ki Pool using the powers below. 

4th-Level Ki Powers
Peacebond (1 ki point)
Jury-Rig (1 ki point)
Tactical Acumen (2 ki points)

6th-Level Ki Powers
Bullet Shield (self only, 1 ki points)
Ricochet Shot (1 ki point)
Twisted Space (1 ki point)
Locate Weakness (2 ki points)
High jump (monk ability, 1 ki point)

8th-Level Ki Powers
Recoil Fire (1 ki point)
Hostile Juxtaposition (2 ki point)
Wholeness of body (monk ability, level 7, 2 ki points)

10th-Level Ki Powers
Named Bullet (2 ki points)
Improved Blind-Fight [APG], † (1 ki point)
Wind Stance (2 ki points)

12th-Level Ki Powers
Abundant step (monk ability, 2 ki points)
Battlemind link [UM] (4 ki points)
Diamond body (monk ability)

14th-Level Ki Powers
Greater Named Bullet (3 ki points)
Diamond soul (monk ability)
Disarming Strike [APG] (2 ki points)

16th-Level Ki Powers
Greater Hostile Juxtaposition (3 ki points)
Bleeding Critical (3 ki points)
Greater Blind-Fight [APG], † (2 ki points)
Improved Vital Strike (2 ki points)
Lightning Stance (3 ki points)
Quivering palm (monk ability, 2 ki points)

18th-Level Ki Powers
Timeless body (monk ability, 1 ki point)
Tongue of the sun and moon (monk ability, 1 ki point)

20th-Level Ki Powers
Walk Through Space (3 ki points)
Blinding Critical (3 ki points)
Crippling Critical [APG] (3 ki points)
Deafening Critical (3 ki points)
Empty body (monk ability, 3 ki points)
Perfect self (monk ability, level 20)
Tiring Critical (3 ki points)