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Core Races

Goblins are small, green creatures with pointy features and high intelligence, though often little common sense


Large strong shamanistic bovine humanoids

Elam Genasi
Race with elemental bloodlines

Magically infused race
Warforged (Ironborn)
Sentient living constructs once used as tools ofwar now seek out their own racial identity

Weretouched humans that trace their heritage to distant human and lycanthropic ancestors

Humanoids that have the ability to shape change

Proud race of humanoid dragons


Winged race of humanoids

Kiloraen (Wildborn) (Wilden)

Fey type plant humanoids are a sentient personifications of


Magically gifted race of humanoids that are equine in appearance

Trolls, Darkspear 

Very spiritual and superstitious. They strongly believe in keeping spirits happy. 

Massive creatures unafraid of throwing their weight around in a fight. Highly competitive, these strong nomads can prove to be powerful allies and welcome additions to any adventuring party.