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changeling racial feats

Camouflage Skin [Racial]

You trained to imitate structures and surfaces with your shapechange.

Prerequisite: Minor Shapechange or Shapechange racial ability, Stealth 5 Ranks

Benefit: When wearing no visible armor, clothing or equipment, such as when you are naked, you can use your (Minor) Shapechange ability to blend into the surroundings. This grants you concealment, which means attacks against you have a 20% miss chance and you don't need cover for Hide checks.

When you use your Shapechange to conceal yourself, you can't use it to create a Disguise at the same time.

 This feat also grants a +2 racial bonus to Stealth checks.


Changeling Beasthide [Racial]

You can disguise as an animal.

Prerequisite: Changeling or Doppelganger, Knowledge (nature) 6 ranks

Benefit: You can use your Minor Shapechange or Change Shape ability to mimic the form of an animal. The animal must be of medium size, or of a size that you can assume with your Shapechange ability. Your equipment does not change with you. When in animal form, you can gain one natural attack that deals 1d4 points of damage (critical x2), and that does either bludgeoning, piercing or slashing damage (depending on the form). You do not gain any other powers or abilities of the assumed form.

Note: Since you do not gain any of the animals natural abilities, you need spells or magical equipment to simulate them, such as a Fly spell. If you lack a necessary ability for a disguise, such as a bird's ability to fly, you don't get the +10 bonus to Disguise from your shapechange ability while in animal form.


Changeling Darkvision [Racial]

You inherited the ability to see in the dark from your Doppleganger ancestry.

Prerequisite: Changeling

Benefit: You gain Darkvision with a range of 60 ft.


Doppel-Jointed [Racial]

Your shapechange ability made your body flexible, allowing you to shake off bonds and sommersault with ease.

Prerequisite: Changeling , Dex 13

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics. This bonus is increased by +2 for each Racial feat you possess.


Greater Persona Immersion [Racial]

You immerse yourself fully into your role and deceive even magical sensors.

Prerequisite: Changeling, Persona Immersion, Cha 13+, Disguise 5 Ranks

Benefit: A number of times per day equal to your charisma modifier, you may replace your Will Save with a Disguise check when subject to a divination spell or telepathic psionic power of a level equal to your character level or less. If you are impersonating a specific individual, the DC gains a bonus +1 to +5  based on the caster's knowledge of the individual. If you succeed on this check, you can generate a misleading result or fool a spell attempting to discern your true form. Though you do not know the precise spell or power being used against you, you know what type of information is sought and can respond accordingly. This effect lasts for the entire length of the spell, but does not shield you from another casting of the spell. You must use one use of this ability per divination or telepathic effect on you at any time.

This will not protect you against True Seeing.

Normal: You make a normal Will Save against divination spells or telepathic powers.


Greater Racial Emulation [Racial]

Your shapechanging abilities are developed to a point where you know how to emulate a race so intimately, you can do it without concious effort.

Prerequisite: Changeing, Racial Emulation, Disguise 9+ Ranks, Cha 13+

Benefit: Choose one humanoid race of your size. You gain it's subtype and for all intents and purposes, you are that race, as well as Changeling. You do not gain any benefits from the race. You qualify for any prestige class or racial feat that requires you to be a member of that race. You can activate any magic item or spell that requires you to be a member of the race.

You also gain a +2 to your disguise check to whenever you are emulating the chosen race.

Special: You can still benefit from Racial Emulation on other races.


Improved Minor Shapechange [Racial]

Your minor shapechange ability is considerably more powerful.

Prerequisite: Changeling, any 3 (changeling) racial feats

Benefit: Your Minor Shapechange racial ability is based on the Alter Self spell instead of Disguise Self. As with the standard ability, you are unable to change your equipment with you, but otherwise you are able to duplicate the spell's effect.


Doppel – Mind [Racial]

Prerequisite: Changeling

You have inherited the doppelganger racial ability to detect thoughts as the spell but can only do so 3/ day.


Doppel Skin [Racial]

Prerequisite: Changeling

You inherit the doppelganger racial ability of increased natural armor. You gain a +2 natural armor bonus.


Doppel Immune [Racial]

Prerequisite: Changeling

You inherit the doppelganger racial ability to resist sleep and charm magical effects. You gain immunity to sleep and charm effects.