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Dragonborn are a race of proud, honorable warriors with strong magical traditions and ancient blood-ties to dragons. They never break an oath, and express their sense of honor by perfecting their skills and brooking no insult. They believe adversaries should be treated with courtesy and respect, even if they are bitter enemies. Caution and discretion are key to a warrior’s survival, but fear is a disease and cowardice is a moral failing. Ultimately, a dragonborn takes responsibility for his or her actions and their consequences. The drive to behave honorably is paramount to the dragonborn, and their continual drive for self-improvement reveals an additional aspect of dragonborn honor. Thus, breaking an oath is the height of dishonor, and attention to honesty extends to every word. A commitment made must be carried out.

Physical Description Dragonborn resemble humanoid dragons, but are slightly bigger than most other races, standing between 6 and 7 feet tall. In fact, their very appearance gives an impression of virtuous purpose. Most dragonborn have very fine scales over most of their body, becoming larger towards their extremities, and are typically scarlet, gold, rust, ochre, bronze, or brown. Rarely do an individual’s scales match the hue of a chromatic or metallic dragon, and scale color gives no indication of the type of breath weapon a dragonborn uses. A dragonborn’s head features a blunt snout, a strong brow, and distinctive frills at the cheek and ear. Behind the brow, a crest of hornlike scales of various lengths resembles thick, ropy hair. Their eyes are shades of red or gold.

Society Long ago, dragonborn empires contended for worldwide dominion, but now only a few rootless clans remain to pass on their legends of ancient glory. Although they no longer have a homeland to call their own, dragonborn continue to value honor, skill, and excellence in all endeavors one undertakes. This allows them to integrate easily into other cultures, especially those that hold similar values. Many find a home among humans and dwarves which tend to have martial and law-abiding societies. Above all, dragonborn hate to fail, and push themselves to extreme efforts before they give up on something. A dragonborn holds mastery of a particular skill as a lifetime goal.

Relations Dragonborn culture deems honor as more important than life itself. First and foremost, honor is tied to battlefield conduct, much like a knight’s rules of chivalry, but it also extends into every part of a dragonborn’s life. Members of other races who share the same commitment find it easy to earn the respect of a dragonborn. This dragonborn propensity sometimes leads others to wrongly view dragonborn as arrogant and proud. Dragonborn recognize tieflings as worthy companions or opponents, admiring their strength and tenacity as friends or enemies. They also get along well with humans, dwarves, and the war minded Sirjif minotaurs.

Alignment and Religion Dragonborn carry themselves with good deportment, seeing themselves as humanoid representations of noble dragonkind. Thus, many are good aligned, but like all things, there are exceptions. Due to their nobility and natural reverence for deities, dragonborn are innately devout and display this quality in all aspects of their lives. 

Dragonborn worship both the  Dragon Gods and other deities. They all believe Apsu is their creator, the father of all Dragonborn. They believe that following Tiamat's betrayal, Apsu gathered the souls of dragons killed during his son's rampage and gave them a second chance of life. He combined the forms of humanoids with the best aspects of dragonkind and let them return to the world. They are charged with stopping the schemes of chromatic dragons and guarding good and enlightened kingdoms. Despite this charge, the dragonborn are individuals and some have fallen to darkness and have become followers and servants of chromatic dragons, and worse. 

Adventurers Dragonborn are wanders, soldiers, and mercenaries, with many taking up the mercenary life to test their mettle. They seek adventure for the chance to prove their worth, win renown, and perhaps become champions about whom stories will be told for generations. To win everlasting glory through mighty deeds, daring exploits, and supreme skill that is the dragonborn dream. Dragonborn are born to fight, and tend to take the fight directly to their foes. As such, they prefer the martial classes of fighter, paladin, and even warlord to the less disciplined ranger or barbarian.

Dragonborn Characteristics Driven, honor-bound, noble, perfectionist, proud, reliable, reserved, rooted in ancient history.

Male Names Arjhan, Bharash, Ghesh, Heskan, Kriv, Nadarr, Rhogar, Shedinn, Torinn.
Female Names Akra, Biri, Kava, Mishann, Nala, Raiann, Sora, Surina, Thava.

Dragonborn Racial Traits

Average Height: 6’2” – 6’8”

Average Weight: 220-320 lb.

+2 Strength, +2 Charisma, -2 Dexterity: Dragonborn are powerful and regal, but somewhat clumsy.

Vision: Darkvision, you can see in the dark up to 60 feet

Medium Size: Dragonborn medium sized creatures and have no special bonuses based on size.

Speed: Dragonborn have a base speed of 30 ft.

Breath Weapon: Dragonborn can use a breath weapon three times per day. The breath weapon is a line with a range of 10 feet plus 5 feet per Hit Die after the first, to a maximum of 100 feet. It inflicts 1d6 damage plus 1d6 per 3 HD the Dragonborn possesses. This damage may be acid, cold, electricity, poison, sonic or fire; the specific type is chosen at creation and cannot be changed afterward. Reflex save (DC 10 + ½ the Dragonborn HD + his/her Con Mod)

level 1: 1d6 1 per day
level 4: 2d6+2 1 per day
level 7: 3d6+3 2 per day
level 10:4d6+5 2 per day
level 13:5d6+6 3 per day
level 16 6d6+8 3 per day
level 19 7d6+9 4 per day

Scale Color A dragonborn's scale color determines its elemental affinity. Below is a list of the most common colors though a player may use them as a baseline to design their own with GM approval.

Gold/Red=fire 15 ft cone
Silver/White=cold 15 ft cone
Black/Copper=acid 30 ft line
Blue/Bronze=lightning 30 ft line
Green/Brass=sleep 15 cone. Instead of dealing damage the breath weapon causes the targets to suffer the sleep spell. Treat the dragonborns level as its caster level for the spell. The Dragonborn may choose you either INT or CHA for determining the DC.

Draconic Heratige Dragonborn count as Dragons for the purposes of effects that target Type. Being a decendant of a great dragon you Resist Energy 5 of your chosen beath weapon. Dragon also gain resist energy 5 (Corresponding Element to their scale color)
Brass and Green dragons gain immunity to magical sleep and +2 to any save made vs and enchantment spell.

Educated: Dragonborn get a +2 racial bonus to Knowledge (History) checks.

Dragonskin Dragonborn receive a +2 racial bonus to AC due to their scaly hide.

Immune to Dragon Fear Dragonborn are immune to a dragon’s frightful presence.

Keen Senses Dragonborn receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks.

+2 to resist paralyzation and sleep effects

Skilled Dragonborn receive a +2 racial bonus to Knowledge (Nobility) skill checks.

Weapon Familiarity Dragonborn are proficient longswords, bastard swords, greataxes and falchions .

Frightful Presence Dragonborn get a +2 bonus to Intimidate checks.

Languages Common and Draconic. Dragonborn with high Intelligence scores can choose any of the following: Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, and Orc.

Dragonborn Alternative Racial Traits

Draconic Armor
You gain DR 2/magic instead of Draconic Heritage. This increases by 1 per Draconic Feat you have.

Draconic Knowledge 
knowledge Arcana +2 , Dragon knowledge +5 instead of Educated

Dragonborn Favored Class Bonuses

Paladin +1 point of damage when using Smite Evil. This additional damage is the same kind as the dragonborn’s breath weapon energy type.

Sorcerer Add +1/2 to spell damage that matches the energy type of your breath weapon.

Cleric Select one domain power granted at 1st level that is normally usable for a number of times per day equal to 3 + the cleric's Wisdom modifier. The cleric adds 1/2 to the number of uses per day of that domain power.

Dragonborn Racial Archtype

Gem Dragonborn

Ferrous Dragonborn

Planar Dragonborn

Ironsoul Dragonborn
The dragonborn who choose this aspect gain the toughness of steel, instead of the breath of dragons. Hide Dragonborn tend to have scales of an iron-grey color. Strange runic markings cover their flesh, shifting as they grow in power.

Runic Hide (Ex):
At 1 HD you gain +1 natural armor bonus to your AC, you also gain DR X/- and DR Y/magic. X is equal to 1/5 HD+1, Y is equal to 2X, this is supernatural.
At 6 HD you gain Light Fortification
At 9 HD you gain a +2 to Natural Armor, totaling to +3.
At 12 HD you gain Moderate Fortification.
At 15 HD you gain a +2 to Natural Armor, totaling to +5.

Dragonborn Feats

Breath Channeling Channel the effect of any arcane spell that affects an area through her breath weapon.  may attack with her breath weapon and cast the spell at the same time; the area of the breath weapon effectively becomes the spell’s area as well.  This ability only effects spells that already have a range on them. 

Improved Breath Weapon For every level, a Dragonborn's breath weapon extends outward by 5 feet. As for damage, the breath weapon deals 1d8 points of damage and an additional 1d8 points of damage for every 3HD the Dragonborn has. So a 1st-level Dragonborn can only attack opponents in the squares adjacent to his for 1d8 points of damage. A 20th-level Dragonborn can attack anyone within 20 squares of him for 7d8 points of damage. 

Changeable Breath (Dragonborn)
You must have gold or silver dragons in your heritage, for you can change your breath into a second type.
Prerequisite: Dragonborn, Breath Weapon racial feature
Benefit: Choose a type that your breath weapon doesn't use from among acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. When you use your breath weapon, you can choose to use this
energy type instead of the energy type you were born with.

Spit Weapon
You can hurl your dragon breath up to thirty feet away from you, where it will blossom into a burst.
Prerequisite: 5th level, Dragonborn or Kobold
Benefit: Your breath acts as a fireball spell, as you can spit it up to 30 feet away from you. At that point it will detonate in a 20 ft. spread, causing 1d6 points of damage to all within the area.
Special: If you have the Draconic Paragon feat, you can do 4d6 points of damage with your breath.

Draconic Aspect
You possess some of the qualities of your dragon ancestors.
Prerequisite: Kobold or Dragonborn.
Benefit: Your scales take on the color and some of the resistances of one of the chromatic or metallic dragons. Choose one of the following
chromatic or metallic dragon types: black, green, or copper (acid); blue or bronze (electricity); red, brass, or gold (fire); or white or silver (cold).
Your scales take on the color of that dragon, and you gain resistance 5 to the dragon color's corresponding energy type.
Special: If you have the dragon-scaled racial trait, your scale color does not change and you gain a +1 natural armor bonus instead.

Draconic Blast
You have the ability to alter your Arcane Blast.
Prerequisites: Level 11+, Arcane Blast feat, Kobold or Dragonborn
Benefit: you can alter your Arcane Blast to match the energy type of your breath weapon.
Draconic Glide
You awaken your inner dragon, gaining wings that allow you to glide.
Prerequisites: Draconic Aspect, Dragonborn.
Benefit: You grow a pair of wings that you can use to fall and glide at a safe pace. You can make a DC 15 Fly check to fall safely from any height without taking falling
damage, as if using feather fall. When falling safely, you may make an additional DC 15 Fly check to glide, moving 5 feet laterally for every 20 feet you fall.
Special: If you have the gliding wings racial trait, instead of the above abilities, your base speed increases to 30 feet.

Draconic Paragon
You awaken the deepest aspects of your draconic blood.
Prerequisites: Draconic Aspect, either Dragon Breath and/or Draconic Glide, character level 10th, Dragonborn.
Benefit: You can use your breath weapon twice per day and your breath weapon damage increases to 4d6 points of energy damage. Your wings from the Draconic Glide feat
grow stronger, granting you a fly speed of 20 feet (average maneuverability).

Prehenisile Tail
You've practiced with grabbing things with your tail until it gains prehenisile dexterity.
Prerequisite: Dex 13+, Slapping Tail feature, Dragonborn
Benefit: You have honed a long flexible tail that can be used to carry objects. It can't carry weapons or wield weapons, but you can use your tail to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on your body as a swift action.

Tripping Tail
Through training, you are able to trip others with your dragon tail.
Prerequisites: Slapping tail feature or Tail Terror feat
Benefit: Through training with your tail, you can make a trip attack on an enemy with a successful hit. This is a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

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