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GM Notes

There are 3 Tribes of Dragonborn on the world of Auloran. Each is identical except the location of their homes, how they live, and the color of their scales. 

Woodlands Dragonborn – Communities located up in the Spiritlands, deep in the forests. Their scales are usually hues of brown and bronze, darkened by the lack of direct sunlight to blend with the surroundings.

Plains Dragonborn – Communities located in The Baroness Reign, usually in the tall grass regions. Their scales are usually hues of green and yellow, to blend with the tall grasses of the plains.

Desert Dragonborn – Communities located over in the Maharajias Realm, just north of the The Banished Lands, by the desert. Their scales are usually hues of light red and orange, colored by the years in the open sun to match the surrounding rock face.

Dragon deities

  • Aasterinian, demigoddess of play, invention and pleasure. Messenger of Apsu.
  • Astilabor, lesser goddess of acquisitiveness, status and wealth.
  • Bahamut,son of Apsu intermediate god of good (metallic) dragons, wisdom and the wind. 
  • Chronepsis, lesser god of fate, death and judgement.
  • Faluzure, lesser god of energy draining, undeath, decay and exhaustion.
  • Garyx, lesser god of fire, destruction and renewal.
  • Hlal, lesser god of humor, storytelling and inspiration.
  • Apsu, greater god of all dragons, He is also believed to be the creator of the metallic dragons
  • Lendys, lesser god of balance and justice.
  • Sardior, lesser dragon god of gem dragons, psionics, secrets, and the night.
  • Tamara, lesser goddess of life, light and mercy.
  • Azarul (Tiamat), daughter of Apsu, intermediate goddess of evil (chromatic) dragons, conquest, greed and cruelty. 
  • Dahak, son of Apsu, brother of Tiamat . While the other deities began to create, Dahak chose to destroy. He is credited with transforming Hell into a place of agony and flame.

Change: You gain a bonus to Knowledge skills equal to the number of Draconic feats +2. If you have 10 or more ranks in a Knowledge skill, the bonus is increased to +4.

Change: You also gain a bonus to the skill associated with your Draconic Heritage equal to the number of Draconic feats you have. 

Change: Your caster level for these spells are always calculated one higher than normal. 

Change: If you have 3 or more Droconic feats, you gain darkvision 10' per feat (maximum 120'), and if you have 4 or more, blindsense out to 5' per feat (maximum 60'). 

Change: You gain bonus damage equal to 1/2 the number of Draconic feats you have. If you have the Draconic Heritage feat or if you are a half-dragon, the extra damage is of the energy type (acid, cold, electricity, fi re, or sonic) that corresponds to your heritage or your draconic parent instead. If your feat or your parent is not associated with one of these energy types, this feat has no effect for you. 

Change: ...2d6 points of damage per spell level expended plus 1 point of damage per Draconic feat you have. 

Change: You additionally gain an enhancement bonus to your damage on your claw attack equal to 1/2 the number of Draconic feats you have. This enhancement bonus does not stack with any source that provides an enhancement bonus. 

Change: ...bonus equal to two times... 

Change: If you have four or more Draconic feats, you can effect creatures with HD equal to your own. 

Change: If you completely negate damage dealt by the energy descriptor associated with your Draconic Heritage feat, the bonus received from this increases to five time the number of Draconic feats you have for a number of rounds equal to one third the number of Draconic feats you have (minimun one round). 

Change: Prerequisites: Sorcerer level 1, Draconic Heritage, Draconic Toughness 
Benefits: You gain a +1 natural armor for every three Draconic feats you have. 

Change: speed equal to 15... 


Prerequitisites: Dragonborn, 6 HD or more, HEART draconic aspect 
Benefit: The damage your breath weapon deals is increased to 1d10 per 1d8 you previously had. Additionally you deal +1 point of damage per five HD you have. This feat only effects the damage dealt by the breath weapon gained from the dragonborn race. 

Prerequitisites: Dragonborn, 6 HD or more, MIND draconic aspect 

Benefit: At 3 HD, your granted senses increase by 10 feet. At 6 HD the Perception bonus increases to +3. At 9 HD your granted senses are increased by an additional 10 feet. At 12 HD the Perception bonus increases to +4. At 15 HD your granted sense increase by an additional 10 feet and the bonus to your Perception check increases to +5. 

Prerequitisites: Dragonborn, 6 HD or more, WINGS draconic aspect 
Benefit: Flying speed is increased by 10'. 

Prerequisite: Dragonborn, 6 HD or more, RUNIC HIDE draconic aspect 
Benefit: You gain an additional +1 to natural armor and your damage reduction gained from the RUNIC HIDE aspect is increased by 2. 

Prerequisite: Dragonborn, Skin of the Dragon Encased, Draconic Armor, 9 HD or more 
Benefit: The damage reduction from these sources stack. 

Prerequisite: Dragonborn, Draconic Heritage, HEART dragon aspect 
Benefit: Whenever you cast an arcane spell, the recharge time for your breath weapon associated with your race is reduced by one round. 

Prerequisite: Dragonborn, HEART dragon aspect 
Benefit: Enemies that attack you with a natural or melee weapon (not reach weapons) take 1 damage per base damage die (as if you have NO modifiers) of your breath weapon. If you have the Draconic Heritage feat this dakage correspond to your draconic heritage dragon race. If you do not have the Draconic Heritage feat or you heritage does not deal one of the true dragon damage types, your default damage type is fire. 

Prerequisite: Dragonborn, RUNIC HIDE dragon aspect 
Benefit: Whenever you are outside during the day, you gain a +2 enhancement bonus to natural armor (characters without natural armor have an effective score of +0). 

Prerequisite: Dragonborn, HEART dragon aspect, Eldritch Blast 1d6 
Benefit: You may combine your eldritch blast with your breath weapon to add 1d6 damage to eldritch blast for every 2 dice damage you have for your breath weapon. This takes a toll on the eldritch energies being tied to your draconis fundamentum, giving your eldritch blast the same recharge time as your breath weapon. After which the eldritch blast functions as normal. 

Prerequisites: Draconic Heritage, Draconic Armor, any other 5 [DRACONIC] feats 
Benefit: The bonus you receive from Draconic Armor lasts for an additional round. If you cast another arcane spell that would give you damage reduction, the two bonuses do not stack, use the higher of the two or in the case of casting the same level of spell, refresh the 2 round duration. 

Archanamach Dragonborn
"If the greatest asset of dragons is their magic, then I am greater than a dragon!"- Gareth Elmendorf, draconic arcanamach

Blood of Dragons: gains bloodline power from the draconic bloodline using her draconic archanamach level as her sorcerer levels to determine bonuses gained. She must choose a dragon type upon her first level int his class and that type must be the same as her sorcerer type. This ability does not grant bonus spells to a sorcerer unless he possesses spell slots of an appropriate level. Such bonus spells are automatically granted if the sorcerer gains spell slots of the spell's level.

Dragonpact:*At 2nd level, a draconic archanamach takes advantage of her knowledge of arcane magic to establish a deeper pact with a dragon. Regardless of the method in which the draconic archanamach learned the arcane arts, the draconic magic within her and her awakened heritage allow said pact to happen. A draconic archanamach may establish a dragonpact as if it were a sorcerer of 4th level (see Dragonpacts, Dragon Magic page 87) regardless of the arcane class it follows. However, the draconic archanamach may only choose a pact offered by a dragon as chosen by the Draconic Heritage feat; if the chosen dragon cannot establish a dragonpact, the draconic archanamach may choose one based on similarities (thus, a draconic archanamach with Draconic Heritage (radiant dragon) may choose to establish a dragonpact with a gold dragon instead).
If the draconic archanamach is a sorcerer, this dragonpact does not count for the limit of dragonpacts she may make. She may make another dragonpact with a different kind of dragon if she so desires without any negative circumstances. 

Dragonspell (Sp):*At 3rd level, a draconic archanamach alters a fundamental aspect of her arcane magic to resemble her knowledge of draconic power. She loses some of her flexibility or power, but in exchange acquires the ability to use a single spell she knows when she so desires.
If the draconic archanamach casts spells spontaneously (such as by being a sorcerer), she may permanently sacrifice one spell slot of 2nd level or lower and choose a single 2nd level or lower spell she knows. The spell must be on her spell list and belong to the sorcerer/wizard spell list (except for sorcerers, who may choose a spell from any list so as long as it is a spell known to them, such as spells from the Draconic Legacy feat or spells acquired from heritage feats); furthermore, the spell cannot have a costly material component or an XP requirement. From now on, the draconic archanamach may cast that spell as a spell-like ability 4 times per day, using her arcane caster level.
At 6th level and again at 9th level, a draconic archanamach may choose to permanently sacrifice a spell slot of higher level and use a single spell known as a spell-like ability. The draconic archanamach is limited to a spell of 5th level or lower at level 6, and a spell of 7th level or lower at level 9th. A draconic archanamach is not forced to use this ability at the moment it acquires it; she may delay the permanent expenditure of spell slots and the choice of spells for a later moment; however, once that choice is made, it is permanent and may not be changed. At 5th level you gain one additional use per day and at 9th you gain one more additional use per day. When you select a spell that is higher than 2nd level, you lose a use per day for every level above 2nd.

Draconic Epiphany (Ex):*Starting at 4th level, a draconic archanamach may select one spell from any class’s spell list (including divine spells), of a level lower than the highest-level arcane spell she can cast. The draconic archanamach may add this spell to her arcane spellcasting class spell list as a spell of the same level; all other aspects of the spell remain unchanged. Draconic archanamach who cast spells spontaneously add the spell to their list of spells known (and the acquired spell does not count against the limit of spells known by the draconic archanamach). A draconic archanamach may not use a spell acquired by this method as the spell to be used through the dragonspell class ability (see above). At 7th level and again at 10th level, a draconic archanamach adds another spell to her spellbook or list of spells known. 

Improved Dragonpact:*At 8th level, the draconic archanamach gains a stronger benefit from establishing a dragonpact. So as long as the draconic archanamach has the benefits of her dragonpact (or dragonpacts, if a sorcerer), she can prepare or cast the spell-like abilities of her dragonpact as if they were known spells. They are added to the list of spells known (if the draconic archanamach casts arcane spells spontaneously). A draconic archanamach may not use a spell acquired by this method as the spell to be used through the dragonspell class ability (see above).

Draconic Magical Focus
You focus on the magic that dragons embody, to learn these traits you however must sacrifice inheriting their physical attributes.
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 1st, 3rd, 9th, 15th, and 20th.
Replaces: Bloodline Powers
Benefit: At the replacement levels, instead of gaining a bloodline power, you instead may choose any [Draconic] feat that you meet the prerequisites for.

At any level that you would obtain a bloodline power, you may instead choose this alternate class feature.