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Trolls, Darkspear

The Darkspear trolls are civilized to a degree, living in small villages. They may seem almost like wild animals in the sense that they have a simplistic way of life. They are very spiritual and superstitious. They strongly believe in keeping spirits happy.

Physical Description
On average, they stand 7 feet tall, but can be anywhere from 6 to 8.5 feet tall. Their skin is generally a shade of blue, but has been known to have green or purple tints. They have large, pointed ears resembling that of an elf and long noses. They have long and lanky, yet very muscular arms and legs. They have only two large toes on their feet, and three fingers on each hand (Two, plus an opposable thumb). Male trolls are hunched over, and have large tusks protruding outward from underneath their upper lip. Females stand upright, and their tusks come from their lower lip and point up.

They get along well with Orcs, and generally dislike Humans How they feel about other races will vary depending on the specific troll. Most trolls don't know much about other races because they almost never live in civilization, only in tribes, and small villages with their own kind. A lot of other races, look down on the trolls, as they often see them as savages.

The Darkspear trolls are nearly all a neutral race, most of them are true neutral, though some may be chaotic or lawful.

Their tribe resides in a tropical jungle island region.

They do not worship any of the common deities. However, they seem to have an affinity for reptiles. Not much else is known about their religious ways. Some have been known to practice Shamanism, as well.

They have their own language (appropriately named Troll). They speak with a Jamaican or Cuban accent.

Male Troll name examples: Doyo'da, Ken'jai, Shenthul, Ula'elek.

Female Troll name examples: Tai'tasi, Zamja, Jen'shan.

Racial Traits

+2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Int



Darkspear Trolls base land speed is 40 feet.

Darkspear Trolls may be weaker than their bigger cousins but still retain their fast healing ability. Though weaker in it's nature Darkspear Trolls have fast healing 1

Tusk Attack: If an opponent is within Melee range, The Darkspear Troll may use his tusks to attack. Asweapons, the Troll's tusks are considered as two kukris, only they deal piercing damage. [Damage: 1d4+Str Mod. Critical: 20 (x2)]

BeastSlaying: Trolls are natural-born hunters. They are treated as if they were a Ranger with Animals as a favored enemy, regardless of the Troll's class.

Bow and Thrown Weapon Specialization: A Troll automatically has the Weapon Focus feat with one type ofBow or one type of Thrown Weapon.

Automatic Languages: Troll, Orcish. 

Favored Class Bonus

Barbarian Berserking: When a Troll's health is below 25%, they enter a frenzy, which doubles the Threat Range forrolling a critical on all attacks for a half hour. When beserking, a troll cannot cast spells (if any are known). 




Shaman Trolls use their Wisdom in place of Charisma 


Starting Age
50 years +2D6