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Self Forged

Self Forged have the following modified Racial Traits:

Living Construct Subtype 
- Cannot heal damage naturally.
- Can be affected by spells that target living creatures as well as by those that target constructs. Damage dealt to a warforged can be healed by a cure light wounds spell or a repair light damage spell, for example, and a warforged is vulnerable to disable construct and harm. However, spells from the healing subschool and supernatural abilities that cure hit point damage or ability damage provide only half their normal effect to a warforged.
- A warforged takes damage from heat metal and chill metal as if he were wearing metal armor.
- Can be raised or resurrected.

Tireless is replaced by Improved Damage Reduction 

Part-Machine Warforged are humanoids with the living construct sybtype and are affected by spells that effect constructs as well as humanoids. As living constructs they do not have normal anatomy the way other living humanoids do. They require very little to function and are immune to starvation, dehydration, and suffocation. While still vulnerable to poison, their unorthodox anatomies grant them a +4 to saving throws against poisons.

Ferrous Though incredibly resilient warforged can fall prey to some dangers that threaten animated object and constructs. They are considered a ferrous creature and suffer damage from the spell rusting grasp or similar effect such as the touch of a rust monster. They are effected by the spell repel metal. Their bodies require some basic maintenance to avoid rust and corrosion. A warforged who has not undergone maintenance once during the week suffers a -1 armor check penalty per week neglected.

Armor Plating is replaced with Unarmored Body 

Supporting Construction Parts you graft onto your body make you more durable. You gain a +2 bonus to fort saving throws.

More Metal Than Flesh You can attach and embed components as if you were a warforged 

Battlefist slam attack deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage.

Construct Limbs Each time a limb is attached to your body you gain a +2 natural armor bonus to armor per limb. You begin with one construct arm, a Battlefist.