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Alchemist Weapons

Alchemist Weapons are non-magical in nature and can be used by anyone. 

Shock Fist

An electrified glove is a lightweight electroshock weapon that delivers a powerful electrical shock capable of rendering any individual stunned or staggered. It is worn as a gauntlet and was manufactured by ????????? in their secret forgery to help support the Seperation movement. The gloves also prove to be an effective way to take down armored city guards.

If the subject fails a will save, the caster can cause a debilitating electric sensation in the target's body.

The glove can be used each round, as a standard action to deal 1d6 nonlethal damage to target, and stun the subject for one round. When the subject takes the damage, she can make a Fortitude save, which will negate the stunning effect with a save. If the subject has taken enough damage to become staggered, instead the nonlethal damage stays at subject's current hp - 1 and stuns the subject for 1d10 rounds.

The glove is made by Alchemists. The electrified gloves are primarily made of metal and powered by an energy source attached to the surface of the gauntlet. Two wires run down to the palm of the glove, directly into a circular segment from which the electrical current is released. The gloves are jointed, allowing users to ball up their hands into fists to deliver an electrified punch.
The glove's ability to electrify an individual is not only effective in hand-to-hand combat, but also through use at a limited range.

Touch attack - 5 charges - 1d6 per charge used

Eskrima Rods 

The Eskrima Rods are electroshock weapon powered by a small backpack-sized generator strapped to the user. The metal prods stun and immobilize opponents on contact and are normally dual wielded. The eskrima rod act just as the shock fist except they can be wielded two handed for two attacks per round with a full attack action. 

Canister of Ooze
When this canister is thrown it smashes and releases an ooze, which reconstitutes and attacks the closest creature the same round it is thrown. The ooze remains for up to 4 rounds depending on the quality, and decays into powder when the duration expires.

Type of Ooze

Simple Canister (1 round)
  • Choleric Ooze Swarm
  • Ooze, Garden
  • Melancholic Ooze Swarm
  • Phlegmatic Ooze Swarm
  • Sanguine Ooze Swarm
  • Ooze, Amber

Average Canister (2 rounds)
  • Ooze, Emerald
  • Ooze, Hag Eye
  • Ooze, Gray
  • Ooze, Mercury

Good Canister (3 rounds)
  • Ooze, Ebon
  • Ooze, Glacial
  • Ooze, Metallic
  • Ooze, Undead
  • Ooze, Verdurous

Extraordinary Canister (4 rounds)
  • Ooze, Brain
  • Ooze, Magma

Demolition Charge