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Chimera Rifle

Chimera Rifle: This strange deviation of the hydra rifle has three barrels. One is a standard rifle barrel, one launches a small dart
(usually drugged or poisoned), and one emits a very short-range blast of alchemist’s fire. The dart inflicts only 1d4 points of damage and has a moderate range (it is purposely not very powerful so as not to unduly harm a target to be drugged and captured). The blast of alchemist’s fire has a range of only ten feet but, as with a hellsbreath gun, it fires in a line, damaging all within the affected area with alchemist’s fire unless they succeed at a Reflex saving throw (DC 15). Those who successfully save still suffer 1 point of fire damage. (Unlike the hellsbreath gun, the smaller amount of alchemist’s fire stored within the chimera rifle and the smaller powder charge—and thus the shorter range—make it relatively safe to use.)

A chimera rifle, unlike a hydra rifle, cannot be fitted with a master trigger. It takes a full round to load the standard rifle and the dart launcher and two full rounds to load the alchemist’s fire blaster. A person needs two hands to load and fire a chimera rifle. However, for a cost of 100 gp, it can be refitted with a larger trigger mechanism that allows a character one size bigger than the weapon’s normal size to fire it in one hand at a –2 penalty (+2 to the targets’ saves against the alchemist’s fire blast). Such a character could even fire one chimera rifle in each hand, using the rules for two-weapon fighting as if attacking with two one-handed weapons. The penalty for doing so stacks with the penalty for firing the rifle in one hand.