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Hand Cannon

This short, wide pistol is a Large weapon, so despite its shape—unless used by an ogre or similar creature—a person needs both hands to use it. It has a very short range but packs an amazing punch. Adventurers often use hand cannons to blast down doors or through wooden walls. 

Reloading the weapon takes a move action. A hand cannon requires two hands to load and fire. However, for a cost of 100 gp, it can be refitted with a larger trigger mechanism that allows a character one size bigger than the weapon’s normal size to fire it in one hand at a –2 penalty. Such a character could even fire one hand cannon in each hand, using the rules for two-weapon fighting as if attacking with two one-handed weapons. The penalty for doing so stacks with the penalty for firing the hand cannon in one hand.

Price: 900

Type: Piercing

Damage: (S) 2d6 (M) 3d6 Critical x3 Range 60' Weight 5lbs. 

The two Handcannons sold are the Beluga and the Mk. VIII Aether Hand Cannon. 

Aether Hand Cannon
This firearm can use specialized cartridges that fire aether.  An alchemical substance,