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Hellsbreath Gun

This device consists of a powerful pump activated by a blast of powder that sprays a reservoir of alchemist’s fire in a line up to twenty feet long. Anyone in the line must make a Reflex saving throw (DC 15) or suffer damage as if struck by a flask. Even after a successful save, the attack still inflicts 1 point of fire damage. Those with no skill at firearms tend to favor this weapon. However, it is dangerous to use. Each time someone fires the weapon, roll a d20. On a roll of 1, the reservoir of alchemist’s fire within the
weapon ignites and explodes, destroying the gun and inflicting 2d6 points of fire damage on the user (Reflex save, DC 20, for half damage). A hellsbreath gun requires two full rounds to reload. One must use two hands to load and fire it.

Cost: 1000gp Type: Fire Damage (S) 2d4 (M) 2d6 Critocal : N/A Weight 7 lbs.