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Magic, Mana & Spell Points

A Spell Point System often referred to as Mana System, is a point system where spell casters use spell points or mana points instead of spell slots. 

Option 1: 

With the Swap It option you simply substitute mana points instead of using spell slots.  All other aspects for casters are the same as with spell slots.

Option 2:  

Spell Matrix Mana System

In the spell matrix option casters are able to create the effects of their spells by manifesting a spell matrix. This allows all spell casters to virtually cast any spell rather than first having to memorize them. This is used in addition to the mana point system. Many people prefer this since they feel they are otherwise severely limited in scope, perhaps always having the wrong spell memorized when another would be ideal. And when a spell caster has few spells to begin with, this can be a real pain in the ass. On the other hand, if you had a list of spells but didn't need to choose any ahead of time, then ideally you should be able to pick the one you really needed for any situation as it came up, greatly increasing your power and diversity.  

Option 3:

Brittian Mana Point System