Energy Based Spells

Spells that are energy based can be cast as their original energy type or you may choose to cast it as an other energy type. These spells can only be cast as one energy type unless the character possesses the energy substitution feat. When you gain this feat you may choose one additional energy type to convert existing spells to. You must take the feat repeatedly in order to convert existing spells to another energy type. The feat does not increase the mana cost of the spell. Energy damage is as follows:  Fire= fire damage; Electricity=electricity damage; Cold=cold damage; Vetrolic= acid damage; Sonic= force damage.

Spells that have multiple energy options such as the Wizard/ Sorcerer Orb spells are now regulated to one type of energy only. If the character chooses the energy substitution feat then they may manifest the Orb spell using a secondary energy type. 

Energy types include: Acid (Vetrolic), Fire, Electricity, Cold, Light (Positive) (Divine), Negative (Baleful) (Necrotic), Sonic, Ectoplasmic (Psionic), Shadow (Darkness) & Force.