Oracle (Mana Points)

Replenishing Mana Points
Each day, oracles must focus their minds on the task of casting their spells. An oracle  needs 8 hours of rest (just like a wizard), during which she spends 1 hour in meditation. During this period, the oracle readies her mind to cast her spells. Without such a period to refresh herself, the character does not regain the mana points she used up.

Spontaneous Mystery Spells
Oracles in the Mana Point system now can cast their Mystery Spells as Spell-Like Abilities a certain number of times per day. These spells do not count against their Mana Point Pool when casting. 

Spontaneous Meta Magic
Once per day plus an additional time per day per 5 levels an Oracle using the Mana Point system can apply a metamagic feat that they have to a spell-like ability at no additional mana point cost unlike other caster classes. First one is at 5th level.