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Races with Level Adj

Races with level adjustments can be taken as an optional choice. In our system we do not use experience points so racial adjustments are handled by having the player take racial levels. Races usually have a suggested Level adjustment or ECL (Estimated Class Level) with a detailed racial level progression of BAB, HD, saves and abilities. A player can choose to be any race they want with or without the additional race levels.  Each racial profile below has listed the standard racial traits with no level progression and then the racial level options if they wish to progress in the abilities of that race.  

Racial Levels
In the same manner that the abilities granted by a template can be broken down into a level advancement form, the abilities of a PC race with level adjustments can be divided into base racial abilities (equivalent to a human, elf, or other standard PC race; +2 / +2 / -2 to any 3 Abilities and racial levels to fill out the remainder of the race's level adjustment. For example, a drow can be broken into a set of "base" drow abilities (LA +0), plus two extra drow levels, thus bringing the character up to her full +2 level adjustment. Racial levels allow a player to create a 1st-level character of a level-adjusted race at the same power level as a 1st-level character of a standard race. Thereafter, the character can take racial levels in lue of class levels in order to gain her full complement of racial abilities.

Converting Monsters to Race Levels

Drow (+2 ECL)

Snirfneblin (+2 ECL)
Dark gnomes with latent magic or psionic abilities. 

Sprites- Pixies (+4 ECL)

Night Elves (+1ECL) 
Moon worshiping, reclusive, shadowy, mystical race of elves.

Thri-kreen (+2 ECL)
Multi armed psionic humanoid insect like race. 

Aasimar (+1 ECL)
Humanoids with celestial blood. 

Tiefling (+1 ECL)
Humanoids with fiendish blood. 

Maeluth (+1ECL
1/2 breed between dwarves and devils 

Mechanatrix (+1ECL)
Mostly human with one or more inorganic clockwork feature.

Shyft (+1ECL)
Humans that are infused with the material from the Ethereal Plane 

Wispling (+1ECL)
1/2 breed between halflings and demons.

Jinx (+1 ECL)
Gnomes that have fiendish blood.

Nasir (+1 ECL)
Fey blooded wild nomadic animal shapeshifting race.  

Stone Child (+4 ECL) races of stone

Avariel (+1 ECL) Wiki
Resemble elves in many physical features, except that they have wings

Alicorn (+4 ECL)
Human with unicorn ancestry.

Blinkling (+2 ECL)
Lycanthropic halflings with blink dog heritage

Burrower (+2)
Humanoids with physical features of umber hulks.

Half-Ogre (+2)

Houri (+2)
Humanoids with nymph ancestry.

Bugbears (+1 ECL)

Suli-Jann (+1 ECL)
Humans with genie bloodline. 

Halflings with genie bloodline

Humans with efreeti bloodline.

Squale (+1ECL)
A humanoid race of oozes,slimes, jellies and puddings

Oakling (+1 ECL)
A humanoid race of plant creatures

Chaos Gnome (+1 ECL) races of stone

Gargun (+4 ECL) races of stone

Jovian (+5 ECL)
Humanoids with Giant characteristics

Kestrel (+2 ECL)
Halflings with wings and avian features

An offspring of a satyr and human. 

Mind Ripper
Magically created race of humanoids with Illithid blood. 

Spring Child (+1 ECL)
Humans with dryad ancestry.

Lizard Folk (+1 ECL)

Gnolls (+1 ECL)


Magically created race that were once slaves of the Illithid.

Azers (+4 ECL)
Fire type race of outsiders

Daemolin (+2 / +3 ECL)
Magically created race that resemble humans & demons.

Masquari (+2 ECL)
Alien energy race of protectors.

Uldra (+1 ECL)
Fey type humanoids that are masters of the cold. 

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