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Though it is rare, sometimes unicorns transmute themselves into a humanoid form; usually elven, and their hearts find love outside their own species. Such relationships are besieged by difficulty and awkwardness, but for truly dedicated lovers no barrier is too great to overcome. Each couple faces these challenges differently, and in some cases these relationships result in offspring- the rare crossbreed known as alicorns.

Alicorn’s are dreamers of love, justice, and power, combining the best of both parent ‘s abilities and talents. Also called illear ("golden-born''), alicorns are shy and unassuming in social settings, though many are firmly dedicated to the causes of freedom and right. Their lives are a constant challenge, struggling against tyranny as they try to make the world a brighter place. Alicorns resemble larger and more powerfully built elves, though they also share other traits with their bipedal parents. Their ears are very long and pointed, sticking out horizontally. Their skin tone often depends upon their elven parentage but often appears with a bit of sheen, and they have rich manes of white, silver, or golden hair. An alicorn's eyes are also generally golden or silver, though some are cobalt blue or spring green. The most prominent feature is an alicorns horn. When young the horn appears as not more then a nub but grows as the alicorn ages. By their early adulthood their horns are fully grown and are usually a pearlescent white but can also be silvery or golden in color. Young alicorns often look gangly, with large feet, huge ears, fantastic mops of hair, and a knock- kneed way of walking that causes them to constantly look near collapsing. As they mature they become creatures of great grace and beauty, though many don’t realize it. This "ugly duckling" effect produces amazingly attractive beings, with strong features, striking eyes, and thick, wavy hair, which still don't realize they have outgrown their awkwardness. A very few dark colored alicoms have been known to exist, a rare mingling of night elf and unicorns. These individuals always have black or midnight blue skin, violet eyes, and wild manes of white or purple hair. 

Alicorns are generally quiet as a rule, and often very self-conscious. Unless there is something they need to say or that moves their passion for good. They often feel awkward in societies and often prefer to choose the peace of the forest, and have no desire to become involved in the relative morality of governments. Alicoms often grow up among elves, but some are raised by unicorns. Alicorns primary allegiance is always to good, the blood of their unicorn parent pulsing in their hearts, They inevitably become champions and defenders of the weak, for they can not bear to let evil and injustice go unopposed. Alicorns learn to temper their love of justice with caution, and may even hold back allies who wish to take on a mighty enemy- not out of fear, but to allow careful consideration of how best to serve the forces of good 

Much as their parents did, alicorns are forced to seek companionship among those unlike themselves. They try to not judge a creature by its species or culture, instead treating every individual according to its actions and attitudes . This often brings alicorns in conflict with conservative cultures and groups, for they might defend half-orcs, befriend witches, or join groups of misfits, out casts, and exiles. 

Alicorns are natural warriors, and even those who have no formal training are more than able to defend themselves from common thugs and brigands. Combined with their crusading spirit, this leads most to join knightly orders, take religious vows, or train as independent defenders of virtue. Alicorns get along with any good-aligned adventuring group, but they have a penchant for those who don't fit in anywhere else. since they judge people by their actions rather than impersonal standards, many are satisfied to work with groups of neutral adventurers-as long as their allies don 't cross the line into true evil. Alicorn paladins in particular are well receivedby such groups, who are often unable to attract any other holy warrior to their ranks. Alicorns live very long lives up to 300 to 400 years. They reach adulthood around 90 years old. 

Alicorn Base Racial Stats
  • Speed of 40’ 
  • +2 Wis, +2 Cha 
  • Low – Light Vision 
  • +2 Perception Checks 
  • Immune to Charm & Compulsion 
  • +2 against poison saves 
  • Gain wild empathy as a feat 

Racial Levels

 Level     BAB Fort Reflex Will Special
 1st +0 +2 +0 +2 +2 AC (Natural), +2 Dex, +2 Cha, Dark Vision
 2nd +1 +3 +0 +3 +2 Str, +2 Con, Detect Evil at will, Daylight,  Aligned attack
 3rd +2 +3 +1 +3 +2 Wis, +2 Cha, Cure Light Wounds, Smite
 4th +3 +4 +1 +4 +2 Con, Empowered Healing Spells, teleport 

Aligned Attack 
All attacks made by the Alicorn are considered good aligned. 

Once per day an Alicorn can smite an evil for doing an additional 1d6 dmg.