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A wilder variation of Halfling. The Blinkling combine the jovial attitude of the Halflings with a strong sense of loyalty and community inherited from their lycanthropic bloodline. Blinklings are able to breed with both other Blinklings and halflings. The offspring is always a blinkling, though some individuals have more pronounced canine features than others. Communities of blinklings are unheard of, however, due to their very small numbers. Some halfling settlements have as high as a 20% blinkling component, though 5% is more common. Blinklings are also found among blink dog packs, where they often serve as emissaries to humanoid communities. Blinklings have the same build and size as halflings but have furry ears like a dogs', slightly elongated muzzles with pronounced canine teeth, and tails. Males grow shaggy facial hair that makes them look somewhat like terriers . Most do not have fur over the majority of their bodies, but some have patches on their backs, hands, or feet. Females are slightly smaller and thinner, and almost never have excess hair.

Blinklings have darker skin than their halfling kin, ranging from tan to yellow- or dark brown and black. Their eyes are almost always a deep brown, but hair color ranges widely. Blinkling hair is thick and wild, resisting all efforts to keep it combed or pinned up. Blinklings are a cheerful, playful group. They enjoy simple pleasures, such as chasing games and hunting. Though they are energetic and always in motion, they never get bored even with repetitive activities, as long as they require a lot of moving about. Blinklings are not stupid, though they tend toward rash and simple acts. An obvious threat or well-explained danger can make one act seriously for as long as needed, though he sees less immediate threats as unimportant . Blinklings feel tomorrow is soon enough to worry about tomorrow, an attitude that can annoy their friends and allies. Most blinklings are good, generally lawful with a strong chaotic minority. They have strong ties to friends and community, and show fierce loyalty even in the face of great peril. Many stories exist of blinklings fighting to the death to save a friend or tracking down lost family members in a blizzard. Evil blinklings are very, very rare and almost always abused as youngsters. Unlike many half-breed s, blinklings are welcome in the community of either parent race. To halflings they are gifted heroes and often undertake roles as woodland guardians. To blink dogs they are part of the pack, to be supported and defended as any other. Because of this, blinklings are not generally brooders, loners, miscreants, or trouble makers as is common for other crossbreeds.

Blinklings mature quickly, reaching physical and emotional maturity by the age of twelve. Unfortunately this accelerated aging stays with them for their entire lives, and only a few pass the age of sixty. This is a shorter lifespan than either of their parent races, but blinklings see it as the price they pay for their exceptional abilities. Every blinkling is an adventurer, though some might never venture more than a mile from their home. The need to be active and outdoors leads many blinklings to take up careers as guides, rangers, scouts, and bounty hunters. They also become involved in the adventuring life because a friend does, blithely tagging along without considering the consequences. Blinklings get along well with most races and classes, though their jovial disposition can be grating to more serious individuals (especially dwarves).Blinklings of any class appreciate the talents of arcane spellcasters and rogues, and often take advice from such people-even ignoring other authority figures. Blinklings have the greatest respect for druids and carefully consider anything they do or say in the presence of a powerful nature priest.

Base Stats
+2 Dex, +2 Wis, +2 Cha

Small: Blinklings gain a +1 size bonus to AC and attacks and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, as well as all the other normal effects of being Small creatures.

Blinkling base speed is 25 feet.

Low-light vision.

+2 racial bonus on Athletics, Acrobatics, Stealth & Perception.

 Level BAB Fort Reflex Will Abilities
 1st +0 +0 +2 +0 Blink, Bite, Scent

Blinklings qualify for the Bite and Scent feats.

Blink (Su):A blinkling can use this ability as a free action a number of rimes per day equal to 1 + blinkling's Charisma bonus (minimum 1/day), as blink cast by a sorcerer of the blinkling's level.