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Dex +2 

Bestial Trait (Ex):This satyr's bestial tail grants it a +2 racial bonus to Balance checks.

Nature Sense (Ex):A scout receives a +2 bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks.

Wild Healing (Ex):The scout can use natural materials found in the wilderness to heal wounds.The scout makes a DC 15 Survival check to represent 1 hour spent searching for and preparing roots, rare leaves,berries,andothersuchmaterialsusedforastew or poultice. Once the subject applies or ingests the concoction, the scout makes a DC 10 Heal check. The subject recovers 1hit point for every point that the roll exceeds 10. Wild healing affects a single subject per attempt, and the same subject benefits from the concoction only once per day. 

Night Elf Traits (Ex):Superior low-light vision; 

resistance to cold 1 and fire 1; 


spell resistance 5 + character level; 

+2 racial bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks. 

Skills: *Night elves have a +10 circumstance bo- nus to Hide checks when not moving at night or in low-light environments.

Bestial Trait (Ex):

Hide - The satyr has a thick fur that toughens his exterior grantinghim a +1 AC

Horns- Satyr's have massive horns that resemble those of a ram. they are considered natural weapons that inflict 1d6 +str damage

Legs - the satyr's goat like legs give it a +10' to its movement rate and +2 to acrobatics

Tail - the satyr has a long bestial tail that helps with equilibruim granting it a +2