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Shyfts are planetouched beings descended from one of the native races of the Ethereal Plane. Belonging fully to neither the Ethereal plane nor the Material Plane , they have the ability to move back and forth between both planes.

Shyfts appear as pale skinned pale haired humans with white translucent pupilless eyes. If you look closely at a shyft the edges of their form seem to be wavy or blurred as if not truly formed.  Shyft's voice is very subtle and suggestive. Shyfts work in two capacities, one is to route ghosts and ethereal creatures from the material and the other is as spies. Since they can listen in on conversations from the safety of the Ethereal plane and sell any information they hear to the highest bidder. Shyfts are also known to specialize in assassination, thievery and other criminal pursuits.

Shyfts speak Common.

low light

outsider traits

Skills: Shyfts have a +4 racial bonus to stealth checks

speed 30'

Dex +2, Wis +2 

+2 Ref, +2 Will,  BAB +1,  Fort +0

Racial Abilities
ghost touch (Sp): once  per day / 3HD

Ethereal jaunt (Sp): Once per day/ 3 HD, a shyft can make an Ethereal jaunt as if by a cleric of 9th level or its character level, whichever is higher.

Energy Resistances (Ex):  Receive energy resistance 5 to cold/ sonic.  At 10HD the may gain one additional resistance increases by +5, at 15HD gain an additional increase in one resistance by +5.

Improved initiative