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Stone Child

Born of a union of mortal and elemental, a stonechild is a hardy entity grounded in soil and stone and gifted with incredible strength, fortitude, and a keen intellect. Although they are not the outcasts that half-orcs often are, stonechildren are rarely raised among others of their kind. Most stonechildren grow to maturity while living in dwarf or human communities, and those few who stay on the Material Plane often wander alone, taking up the mantle of adventurer.

Stonechildren are most comfortable in and under the mountains; because of this preference, they usually end their wandering by settling with a community of dwarves. As they grow older, even the most adventurous stone- children become more and more likely to seek a way to the Elemental Plane of Earth and surround themselves with others of their kind.

Personality: Stonechildren relish challenges and enjoy proving their own strength. They admire those who make their own way in life, and they feel a sense of camaraderie with the earth itself. Even when traveling alone through dangerous areas, stonechildren remain solid and sensible. Stonechildren keep their feelings hidden behind a slow practicality, and when they find someone’s company unpleasant they usually just leave quietly. Stonechildren are stalwart in the face of adversity, whether it takes the form of the physical dangers of combat or the long solitude of life as a wanderer.

Physical Description: With rough, gray skin and a stony bulk, a stonechild looks like a powerful human made out of stone. Stonechildren have tremendous physical strength and fortitude, and can easily overpower most humanoids. Stonechildren do not have hair, and their eyes are limited to shades of gray, black, or the occasional gemlike hue (usually a muted blue or green). Although their tough hide resembles stone, they are outsiders, not elementals. Stonechildren grow nearly 9 feet tall, and they can easily weigh more than 300 pounds.

Relations: Tough, reliable, and focused on the utilitarian, stonechildren get along with most races. Stonechildren are closer to dwarves than any other race, and they often settle in dwarf com- munities for a time. Many humans and dwarves seek to emulate the strength and silence of the stonechildren, but their strength and practicality can seem alien to elves and gnomes.

Of the few stonechildren who do not live on the Elemental Plane of Earth, most are wanderers, and as such they enjoy the company of halflings. For their part, half- lings readily acknowledge the value of having a large, physically powerful stonechild with their troupe.

Although Moradin the Soul Forger is primarily seen as the deity of the dwarves, stonechildren also venerate his powers over stone, his solid strength, and his prodigious skills at the forge. More stonechildren revere Moradin than any other single deity, but even his worshipers fall far short of constituting a majority.

Language: Stonechildren speak both Terran and Common, but they prefer Terran. They are more intelligent than many humanoids, and they pick up languages readily. Almost all stonechildren learn Dwarven early in their life, and many master other languages as well. Stonechildren do not have a literature of their own, although many individual members of the race have kept records and stories of their travels.

Names: Stonechildren share some of the naming conventions that dwarves have, but they are far less rigid about the process. Whereas dwarf names belong to the family and clan, stonechildren bond closely to their names, making them intensely personal things. Stonechildren also do not follow the strict naming traditions of dwarves, and they create new names with each new generation. Some of their typical names derive from the Common names for different types of stone.

Male Names: Beltan, Fartach, Ingot, Ored, Slate.

Female Names: Berna, Kihild, Merna, Shale, Zeea. Family Names: Angaran, Kar-Gulduk, Pal-Mituk, Raskanik, Rendark.

Adventurers: Stonechild adventurers usually travel in search of something they desire. For some, this goal is material wealth; for others, it is a chance to study with famed craftsmen. Some want to seek out more of their kind on the Material Plane, while others search for new ways to test themselves in physical combat. Stonechildren are tough and ready for whatever comes their way, and many stonechildren go off on adventures at least once or twice in their lives.

Racial Traits

Average Height: 7' - 8'6"

Average Weight: 300 - 475 lbs

Ability Scores: +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, - 2 Charisma

Size: Large.

Speed: 30'

Gain feat: Acrobatic Steps

Vision: Darkvision.

Languages: Common, Terran, Dwarven, Giant

One with the Earth:  You gain the feats Stone Read & Stone Sense

Skill Bonuses: +2 Perception, +2 Athletics, +2 Survival, +2 Intimidate.  These are all racial skills. You receive 4+Int mod skill points per racial level.

Stone Hide:(Natural armor) Stonechild gain a +4 bonus to AC and DR 5/adamantine

Nature's resilience: Due to their connection to mother earth, Stonechild are immune to Acid, Electricity, and Poison. They are also immune to ongoing damage from these affects.

Earth shaking strike: As a Stonechild you can use Earth shaking strike racial power 1/day. You strike the ground sending out a massive tremor through the earth.  Everyone in a 10' burst off  save DC = CMB+HD or fall prone. 

Stone Child Racial Levels
 Level HD BAB Fort Ref Will Abilities
 1 d10 +1 +2 +0 +0 +2 Str, DR 2, +2 AC
 2 d10 +1 +2 +1 +1 +2 Con, DR 3, Stone sense, +2 AC
 3 d10 +2 +3 +1 +1 DR 4, Immune Acid & Poison
 4 d10 +2 +3 +2 +2 DR 5, Immune Electricity

Favored Class:  Barbarian, Fighter