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The Gnome/Svirfneblin Transition Class

The Gnome/Svirfneblin Transition Class

Callarduran Smoothhands is the patron deity of the deep gnomes, or svirfneblin. It is he who watches over them in the deep places of the earth and keeps them safe from drow, duergar, and other evil beings. Surface gnomes can participate in a religious ritual with the clerics of Callarduran to become one of the svirfneblin via a 3-level transition class.

This transition class assumes the base creature is a rock gnome (a standard gnome as presented in thePlayer's Handbook), though it can easily be adapted for other gnome subtypes (such as forest gnomes).

Table SP-30: The Gnome/Svirfneblin Transition Class

1st+0Dex +2, Cha -2, darkvision 60 ft., disguise self, Hide bonus +0/+2, languages, saving throw bonus +1, stonecunning
2nd+1Wis +2, blur, darkvision 120 ft., favored class, Hide bonus +2/+4, saving throw bonus +2, spell resistance (lesser)
3rd+1Cha +2, blindness/deafness, nondetection, spell resistance (greater), svirfneblin dodge

Gnome/Svirfneblin Transition Class Features

All of the following are class features of the gnome/svirfneblin transition class.

Ability Score Changes: The indicated ability score increases or decreases by the amount noted.

Darkvision (Ex): At 1st level, the gnome/svirfneblin gains darkvision to a range of 60 feet. When he reaches 2nd level, the range of her darkvision increases to 120 feet. This ability is in addition to normal gnome low-light vision.

Disguise Self (Sp): The gnome/svirfneblin may use disguise self (caster level equals gnome/svirfneblin's class level) once per day.

Hide Bonus: At 1st level, a gnome/svirfneblin gains a +2 racial bonus on Hide checks when underground. At 2nd level, she gains a +2 racial bonus on Hide checks under all circumstances, and her bonus while underground increases to +4.

Languages: The gnome/svirfneblin becomes fluent in Common, Gnome, and Undercommon if she was not already. If she has any bonus languages slots available, she may select bonus languages from the following list: Dwarf, Elf, Giant, Goblin, Orc, Terran. These languages are in addition to the rock gnome automatic and bonus languages.

Saving Throw Bonus: At 1st level, a gnome/svirfneblin gains a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws. This bonus overlaps (does not stack) with her normal +2 racial bonus on saves against illusions. When she reaches 2nd level, her bonus on all saves increases to +2.

Stonecunning: This ability grants a 1st-level or higher gnome/svirfneblin a +2 racial bonus on Search checks to notice unusual stonework, such as sliding walls, stonework traps, new construction (even when built to match the old), unsafe stone surfaces, shaky stone ceilings, and the like. Something that isn't stone but that is disguised as stone also counts as unusual stonework. A gnome/svirfneblin who merely comes within 10 feet of unusual stonework can make a Search check as if she were actively searching, and she can use the Search skill to find stonework traps as a rogue can. A gnome/svirfneblin can also intuit depth, sensing her approximate depth underground as naturally as a human can sense which way is up.

Blur (Sp): At 2nd level, the gnome/svirfneblin may use blur (caster level equals gnome/svirfneblin's class level) once per day.

Favored Class: A gnome/svirfneblin taking this class may either keep her original favored class (bard) or adopt the standard svirfneblin favored class (rogue).

Spell Resistance (Su): At 2nd level, the gnome/svirfneblin gains spell resistance equal to 5 + character level. At 2nd level, her spell resistance increases to 11 + character level.

Blindness/Deafness (Sp): Once per day, a 3rd-level gnome/svirfneblin may use blindness/deafness(caster level equals gnome/svirfneblin's class level). The save DC is Charisma-based, and a +4 racial bonus applies.

Nondetection (Su): At 3rd level, the gnome/svirfneblin gains a continuous nondetection ability, as the spell (caster level equals the character's class level).

Svirfneblin Dodge: When the gnome/svirfneblin reaches 3rd level, her +4 dodge bonus against giants becomes effective against all creatures.