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The Half-Drow/Drow Transition Template Class

The Half-Drow/Drow Transition Template Class

A half-drow is a half-elf born of a human and drow union. A half-drow typically has dusky skin, silver or white hair, and eyes of some normal human shade. Half-drow have the abilities of normal half-elves except that they have darkvision (60-foot range) instead of low-light vision. A half-drow who wishes to explore his dark elf heritage can become a full drow with a 2-level transition class.

Table SP-29: The Half-Drow/Drow Transition Class

1st+1Dex +2, Con -2, dancing lights, darkvision 120 ft., faerie fire, favored class, skill bonuses, spell resistance (lesser)
2nd+1Int +2, Cha +2, darkness, languages, light blindness, proficiencies, saving throw bonuses, spell resistance (greater)

Half-Drow/Drow Transition Class Features

All of the following are class features of the half-drow/drow transition class.

Ability Score Changes: The indicated ability score increases or decreases by the amount noted.

Dancing Lights (Sp): A half-drow/drow may use dancing lights (caster level equals half-drow/drow's character level) once per day.

Darkvision (Ex): When the half-drow/drow reaches 1st level, the range of his darkvision increases to 120 feet.

Faerie Fire (Sp): At 1st level, the half-drow/drow may use faerie fire (caster level equals half-drow/drow's character level) once per day.

Favored Class: A half-drow/drow who adopts this transition class may keep his original favored class ("any") or adopt the standard drow favored class (wizard if male, cleric if female).

Skill Bonuses: The character's racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks increases from +1 to +2. Furthermore, a half-drow/drow who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if he were actively looking for it.

Spell Resistance (Su): At 1st level, the half-drow/drow gains spell resistance equal to 5 + character level. At 2nd level, his spell resistance increases to 11 + character level.

Darkness (Sp): At 2nd level, the half-drow/drow may use darkness (caster level equals half-drow/drow's character level) once per day.

Languages: At 2nd level, the half-drow/drow becomes fluent in Common, Elven, and Undercommon if he was not already. If he has any bonus languages slots available, he may select bonus languages from the following list: Abyssal, Aquan, Draconic, Drow Sign Language, Gnome, Goblin. These choices are in addition to the half-elven automatic and bonus languages. (Their bonus languages are normally "any," but this ability enables the drow to learn special languages that a DM might deny to surface dwellers.)

Light Blindness (Ex): Abrupt exposure to bright light (such as sunlight or a daylight spell) blinds a half-drow/drow for 1 round. On subsequent rounds, he is dazzled as long as he remains in the affected area.

Proficiencies: At 2nd level, a half-drow/drow becomes proficient with the hand crossbow, rapier, and short sword if he was not already. If he spent feats to become proficient with these weapons, he may not reassign those feat slots.

Saving Throw Bonuses (Ex): At 2nd level, a half-drow/drow gains a +2 racial bonus on Will saves against spells and spell-like abilities.