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Knowledge Skill

Arcana (ancient mysteries, magic traditions, arcane symbols, cryptic phrases, constructs, dragons, magical beasts, identify/ record arcane magic, elementals, shadow magic, wild magic)

Note: Identify magic allows you identify types of magic (schools), rituals or magical effects. Record magic allows you to scribe a spell into your spell book.

Architecture and engineering (buildings, aqueducts, bridges, fortifications)

Note: With this knowledge skill you gain Disable Device as a class skill. 

Dungeoneering (aberrations, caverns, oozes, spelunking, underground structures)

Geography & Politics (lands, cities, terrain, climate, people, trade guilds, trade routes, rulers, powerful NPC’s, wars)

Note: With this Knowledge skill you gain 1 Trade Guild or secret society Contact for every 5 Ranks

History (royalty, wars, colonies, migrations, founding of cities, historical myth & legend, ancient cities, ancient people, ancient traditions)

Note: With this Knowledge skill you gain 1 esoteric Contact for every 5 Ranks. An esoteric contact can be a wizard, historian, librarian, secret society member. 

Local (personalities, inhabitants, connections, contacts, laws)

Note: With this Knowledge skill you gain 1 Local Contact for every 5 Ranks. A Local contact can be a barkeep, guardsmen, sherif, magistrate, guildsmen, judge, Innkeeper, shop owner, etc. 

Nature (animals, fey, giants, monstrous humanoids, plants, seasons and cycles, weather, vermin)

Nobility and royalty (lineages, heraldry, family trees, mottoes, court practices & etiquette, royal politics, royal intrigue)

Note: With this Knowledge skill you gain 1 Royal/Noble/ Court Contact for every 5 Ranks

Psionics (ancient mysteries, psionic traditions, psychic symbols, cryptic phrases, astral constructs, psionic races, and psionic monsters, identify powers and psionic effects)

Religion (deities, spheres of influence, mythic history, ecclesiastic tradition, holy symbols, undead, divine magic, aspects of deities)

The planes (Basic Cosmology, Sigil, Outsiders, elementals, portals)

Planes: specific (the Inner Planes, the Outer Planes, the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, Shadow fell, Fey Wild, Pocket Dimensions, magic related to the planes)

Table: Knowledge Planes





Cosmological Structure, What planes exist, Planar Alignments, composition, portals


Knowledge: The Planes


General Planar Traits, What a plane is like, How to use and activate a portal


Inhabitants of plane, Flora & fauna, detailed geographical understanding, creatures, Planar travel, planar races






Knowledge: The Planes

Knowledge: Planes - Specific


Specific Locations, magic on the plane, Major Deities on plane, Powerful NPC’s, Gates on the plane and how to activate them, traits of planar creatures, Guilds, Groups, Organizations, Planar current Events


Notable NPC’s, Minor deities, details about locations, minor deities, Servants/ Henchmen and Avatars of Major deities, Obscure symbols, Planar History


Servants/ Henchmen and Avatars of Minor deities, obscure locations, hidden realms, pocket planes and dimensions, dead deities