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Under Water

Underwater Rules

Skill adj
Disable Device: –2, Unless pc’s eyes are protected
Inuit Direction: –5
Acrobatics: use Athletics check, 5 or more ranks in swim give a +2 synergy bonus, 5 or more ranks in swim +2 synergy bonus, failure of 5 or more means disorientation, float off in random direction 2d10 feet, no ranks in swim –2 penalty
Perception: +4 to hear, -4 to identify location
Stealth: normal
Open Locks: –2 unless eyes are protected
Perception: vision range is 1/2 underwater, must be within 5’ of area to search,  –1 / 5’ of distance
Knowledge Nature/ wilderness lore: –4

Feats Underwater
Far Shot: 1/2 range
Point Blank Shot: only within 15’
Track: +20 to dc

Salt water
All Vision ranges are 1/2, all light sources are 1/2 range
Fresh water
Vision Range is normal or 4d8x10
Movement Underwater
You do not run underwater, you swim
With no magic assistance 
Swim or Strength check allows pc to move at 1/4 normal speed as move action, 1/2 speed as a full round action
In combat Swim check is rolled each round dc10, failure = no movement
-1/ 5lbs of gear
In combat move at 1/4 speed move action, 1/2 speed full round action
With Water Breathing, freedom of movement, or improved water breathing  
swim at normal speed, no swim or strength check
swim in combat at normal speed 

Weapons & Armor Underwater adj.
With no magic assist.
Bludgeoning  -6
Slashing –3
Piercing no effect
Missile Weapon ranges 1/2
Shields can not be used
With magic assist
Attack normaly & damage normaly
Missle weapon,  -2 penalty for every 5’
Weapon & Armor Rust/Rot from sea water Fortitude ( dc10+1/ day exposed) unless using sailor’s wax

Combat Underwater
Each Round
As a Move Action you may declare attempt to gain positional advantage
Make opposed swim check, add base attk bonus, 
Above and on 5 points,  +1 dodge bonus to ac/ +1 to attk, +5’ move adj 
Under 5 pnts no bonus, just +5’ adj
If under opposed roll, no bonus or adj, open to attk of opportunity
Then may attk normally
Adjustment to AC
In combat
Dex bonuses are 1/2(rounded up) , unless 5 or more ranks in tumble or balance

Fire type spells do not work underwater
Electrical/ Acid type spells become area effect spells
Sonic type spells double distance and damage
Light type spells area effect is reduced by 1/2
No Verbal Component spells function underwater