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E10 Leveling System

With this system Characters stop leveling at level 10th, and instead gain more feats as they continue to advance. This allows games to remain at a certain level of play for simplicity and ease of DMing. E10 focuses on continuously delivering exciting heroic fantasy, even in a very long campaign. E10 can be adapted to a wide variety of settings, from high-magic action-adventure where magic takes the place of technology to low-magic worlds where sorcerers are spoken of in frightened whispers and dragons are the stuff of legend. E10 keeps all the benefits and familiarity of low-level Pathfinder games: Fast-paced combat, quick prep, and an incredible wealth of third-party material that can be used with the game. 

After 10th Level is reached. Additional Feats can be gained at every 5,000xp the player accumulates. Feats can include additional class feats for the character class of the character or other feats available for pathfinder.  

If a player wishes to access a spell that is a higher level then they can cast then they are able to gain that spell as a feat. 

In addition focus is taken away from combat gaining xp.  Instead xp will dealt out in equal portion between role-play and combat. 

Furthermore Min/ Max character stats is frowned upon and instead the focus is to develop ones characters personality/ background history/ goals more.  

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