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Psionics-Magic Transparency

Though not explicitly called out in the spell descriptions or magic item descriptions, spells, spell-like abilities, and magic items that could potentially affect psionics do affect psionics.When the rule about psionics-magic transparency is in effect, it has the following ramifications. 

Spell resistance is effective against powers, using the same mechanics. Likewise, power resistance is effective against spells, using the same mechanics as spell resistance. If a creature has one kind of resistance, it is assumed to have the other. (The effects have similar ends despite having been brought about by different means.)

All spells that dispel magic have equal effect against powers of the same level using the same mechanics, and vice versa. 

The spell detect magic detects powers, their number, and their strength and location within 3 rounds (though a Psicraft check is necessary to identify the discipline of the psionic aura). 

Dead magic areas are also dead psionics areas.

Mana positions can be used to replenish power points for psionic users the same as the do for casters. 

Both casters and psionic users receive the benefit of the recharge rule for spell points. 

Knowledge Arcana can be used as Knowledge Psionics.

Spellcraft can be used as Psicraft. 

Use Magic Device skill can be used for both magic and psionic items.