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Abeil Items

Honey Ambrosia - 100gp/ dose (Full Comb comes with 8 doses)
This is a thick honey substance which seems to give off a faint glow. It smells absolutely divine! It is known as honey ambrosia, a sweet, honey-like substance which has several useful properties.
  • A cup of of honey ambrosia can sate the need to eat or drink for 1 day for up to 5 people, regardless what their actual diet is. Consuming it restores youthful vigor as well; middle age and older creatures only take the penalties from aging as if they were one category less for 24 hours.
  • It can be used in place of a healing kit (5 charges), granting the +2 circumstance bonus to Heal checks, and a +10 bonus when treating diseases. It is sometimes used for surgeries to form biologically safe seals on open wounds. It can also be applied to a surface to disinfect it (make a Heal check against a diseased surface to determine if you succeed in disinfecting, as if using a Heal check to cure a disease).
  • It can act as an adhesive if left to air dry for 10 minutes under pressure. Once a bond is set, it is very difficult to remove requiring a DC 26 Strength check to break the bond or up to 500 lbs per cup, or the application of universal solvent.
  • It can preserve perishable non-living organic material, causing the substance to age only a day over the course of a year. A cup may cover 5 diminutive objects (apples), 2 tiny (small melons), or 1 small object (a pumpkin).
  • Honey ambrosia does not rot with age. Adventurers have reported entering ancient tombs with fresh produce hidden under a shell of honey ambrosia.
  • Finally it is irresistible to creatures with the fey type.  Fey are attracted to to the scent. They must make a will save dc 20 or must seek out the honey ambrosia is leu of other actions.  When consuming the honey ambrosia they act as is under a charm spell and will not do any hostile actions unless directly attacked. 

Abeil Stinger of Flight - 300gp each
These small metal stingers contain minute amounts of Abeil serum. To use them the PC must take a Standard Action to stab themselves with the stinger, voluntarily taking 1d4 damage (cannot be reduced by DR), which injects them with specially designed serum that allows them to grow a set of Abeil wings. These wings allow them to fly (Fly 30, average mobility) for 5 minutes before the serum wears off and the wings decompose (anyone still flying at this time suffers normal fall damage). Once used, the stinger is empty and now useless.

Hexagon Goggles - 11,400gp
Modeled after the eyes of the Abeil, these multifaceted lenses are designed to pierce illusions and deception. They provide +8 insight bonus to Perception checks, the wearer cannot be flanked and allow access to the following spells:
  • True Seeing: 2/day (1 min per use)

Headband of the Hive - 92,000gp
This headband is crafted exclusively by the queen of an Abeil hive. With it, the wearer is able to communicate telepathically (as the psionic ability) with any willing humanoid or monstrous humanoid creature within 200ft. This item is crafted to aid in managing an entire hive in case the queen herself is incapacitated. The wearer also gains access to the following powers:
  • Read Thoughts: At will
  • Strike as One: 3/day
  • Withstand as One: 3/day
  • Intellectual Fortress: 1/day