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Cowl of the Brujo

This dark green cowl is ringed with hexing runes. It was crafted by the Great Brujo Torinjil.  It was rumored that the Cowl gave him great power and he was feared and respected in his lands. After his death at the hands of the witch hunter Feranus the Cowl slipt from history and was thought lost.

low light vision

A witch may cast a single touch range spell of 4th level or lower into the Cowl. Thereafter, the Cowl holds the magic for up to 24 hours, functioning as a spite spell against the next foe to strike the witch with a successful melee attack or combat maneuver. The Cowl’s spite spell counts as an active spite effect for the witch wearing the Cowl. The witch may cast an additional spell at 10th, 15th, and 20th level.

When a witch prepares her spells, she may also choose to use the hexing runes on the Cowl to augment one hex she can use. The save DC of this hex increases by 1 for 24 hours. This DC modifier increased by +1 at 10th, 15th, and 20th Level

3rd level
The Cowl's  magic allows the wearer to tap into the primal Words of Power. Beginning at 3rd level the Witch begins to understand the use of the Words of Power and knows all 0-level effects and meta words.

You can add  a number of 1st-level effect or meta words equal to 1 + the witch's Intelligence modifier. Whenever a witch gains another spell casting level in their class, they add 2 additional Meta and Effect words, of any level they can cast. All Target Words are available to you up to the required level.  Power Words cost the same Mana Points as regular spells. 

Witch Words Effect Words

0-Level Witch Words

Bleeding Wounds (Wounding), Cramp (Pain)Decipher (Language)Sense Magic (Detection)Soothing Touch (Healing)Spark (Electricity)

1st-Level Witch Words

Burning Flash (Fire)Decipher* (Language)Fade (Concealing)Fog Bank (Weather)Force Shield (Armor), Friendship (Command)Glide(Flight), Lesser Cure (Healing)Lesser Wound (Wounding)Nature's Calm (Animal)Radiance (Illumination)Servitor I (Summoning),Shock Arc (Electricity), Simple Order (Command)Soothing Touch* (Healing)Spook (Fear)Wrack (Pain)

2nd-Level Witch Words

Burning Flash* (Fire)Disappear (Concealing)Float (Flight)Gloom (Illumination)Moderate Cure (Healing)Moderate Wound (Wounding),Paralyze Humanoid (Binding)Predict (Time)Sense Hidden (Detection)Sense Thoughts (Detection)Servitor II (Summoning)Suppress(Dispelling)Wild Lure (Animal)

3rd-Level Witch Words

Altered Form (Change)Blizzard (Weather)Dimensional Hop (Teleportation)Far Sight (Divination)Force Armor (Armor)Greater Wound(Wounding), Lightning Blast (Electricity)Servitor III (Summoning)Soar (Flight)Suppress* (Dispelling)Torture (Pain)Translate(Language)

4th-Level Witch Words

Altered Form* (Change)Blizzard (Weather)Complex Order (Command)Disappear* (Concealing)Elder Wound (Wounding), Greater Cure(Healing)Ice Blast (Cold)Nature's Command (Animal), Servitor IV (Summoning)Simple Order* (Command)Terror (Fear)Unseen Shell(Concealing)

5th-Level Witch Words

Crush Will (Command)Dimensional Jump (Teleportation), Elder Cure (Healing)Far Casting (Language)Far Sight* (Divination)Paralyze Creature (Binding)Revive (Life)Servitor V (Summoning)Unmake (Dispelling)

6th-Level Witch Words

Ball Lightning (Electricity)Caustic Cloud (Acid)Far Casting* (Language)Locate (Divination)Sense Hidden* (Detection)Servitor VI(Summoning)Slay (Death)Unseen Shell* (Concealing)

7th-Level Witch Words

Dimensional Shift (Teleportation)Horror (Fear)Servitor VII (Summoning)Storm Master (Weather)

8th-Level Witch Words

Life Touch (Life)Permanent Paralysis (Binding)Repulse (Gravity)Servitor VIII (Summoning)

9th-Level Witch Words

Catastrophe (Destruction)Servitor IX (Summoning)Thunder Strike (Electricity)