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Cantrip Magic Items

Cantrip Magic items work for anyone. Since the Magic is stored within the item, they can be used by anyone who wields them, not just Mages. Cantrip Magical Items are items that have practical applications in everyday life.

ColorS Magic takes the form of a small book with an intricately decorated cover, bearing the device's name. In the anime, it closely resembles a rectangular box, with its front decorated by the object's name, placed almost in its center, and by a pair of round, mirror-like objects or drawings superimposed on, from the top to the bottom, a darker-colored rectangle with jagged borders and a decorated round drawing resembling a mirror's frame, which is in turn surrounded by four decorations, reminiscent of arrows pointing outwards.

Color Alteration: ColorS Magic can be used to change the color of the clothes the user is wearing, just by sliding over the mirror-like surface on the item. It is popular among girls.

Magic Letter
At first sight, it looks like a normal, ordinary letter with a wax seal on the envelope. When the addressee performs a certain circle motion around the wax seal, they release a small, Magical hologram of the sender. Magic Letters don't need special items for reading, so they are more convenient and comfortable to use.

Magic Stamp
The Magic Stamp Tool resembles a normal stamp, but allows the user to produce any symbol on the body. In contrast to normal tattooing, it is faster and painless,[1] with a large number of colors available.

Light Lantern

Spark Stone

Love Charm

Sleep Charm

Ghost Sound Wind Chimes

Ghost Sound Box

Conainer of warming/ Freezing

Decanter of water

Sew/ Stitch


Wrap: Creates a small peice of paper which wraps itself around small items such as spell components

Cutting: This cantrip can be used to cut wire and rope up to 1/2 inch.

Adrenaline: This rare cantrip enables the caster to double his/her movement rate for 1 round.

Flashlight: This cantrip causes light to spring forth from the casters index finger, it can be useful in reading or examining items without using alot of light, in close quarter fighting it is useful against anyone using infravision (save vs. spell to avoid). It lasts untill concentration is broken. Range is 5 feet. 

Tasters Choice: Causes items of food to taste as the Caster wishes, Bread could taste like Chocolate etc... Other foods in another's possession can be altered but allowed a save throw to be altered. 

Count: This allows the caster just by touching somenthing to count how many items of his or her choice are within a particular area(1 square foot/level). This cantrip is useful in determining how many gold coins are in a purse, for example. 

Glow: This cantrip can only be cast upon any item that the caster is holding or upon the caster himself, it can cause a dagger glow green or the caster to glow a bright orange. This glow is useless for the purpose of illumination but is useful in scaring the average Humanoid. 

Scorch: This cantrip causes paper or thin wood products to burn away to nothing without heat or smoke or flame visible. It's range is 1 foot and a save is allowed if such item is in anothers possession. 

Awareness: This cantrip alters the Casters awareness and concentration, while under this cantrip the caster loses all DEX bonus's and can only concentrate on one item at a time, such as finding a secret door. A +2 bonus is given to anything the caster is concentrating on. This cantrip lasts untill concentration is broken.

Sort: This cantrip is useful in sorting items into piles such as sorting gold from copper peices into seperate piles. 

Clean: This cantrip animated cleaning untensils or creates cleaning untensils to clean a specific area (10'Max) or Creature. 

Color: With this cantrip the caster can alter the color of any surface, if used on ones body then seperate castings are required for hair skin eyes if used on clothes then it can enchante one peice of clothing at a time. This is a permanant cantrip. 

Influence: This cantrip can influence anothers bodily Functions in such as way that he or she can be made to: wink, nod, scratch, belch, fart, giggle, sneeze, or perform some other involuntary action. All are allowed a save vs. spells and neither can break spellcasting attempts. 

Spoil(Freshen)Food/Flower: This cantrip will spoil or freshen food or small vegatation. If used on anothers meal then it requires a save. 

Exterminate: Kill small rodents and bugs with 0 hp, 2/level can be killed in this manor. 

Polish: This cantrip will polish any particular surface and help with the prevention of Rust. All polished items recieve a +1 to their save throws. 

Salt: Sprinkles fine salt on any one item -- careful not to use too much. 

Shine: Removes tarnish, rust, corrosion, etc. 

Spice: Brings particular spice or herb to food or drink. 

Stitch: Sews seams in cloth or leather -- neither stronger nor weaker than seam done without magic. 

Sweeten: Adds sweetener; sugar, honey, syrup, etc. 

Dirty: Soils, spots, or sullys walls, floors, dishes, clothes, etc. 

Light: Will light any one candle, lamp, or treated torch (only these items) or will douse any one candle or lamp within 10' radius. 

windreader glasses