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Raw Chaos

All chaositech is powered by raw chaos, a viscous fluid that appears at once to be black and a gleaming mass of every scintillating color that exists. Raw chaos is perhaps one of the most dangerous substances in the universe, destroying everything it touches if not handled
properly. It is normally stored in chaos storage cube. These cubes are perfectly smooth and featureless. Only a
siphon or a siphon spell allows one to remove raw chaos from the cube.

Puncturing or destroying the cube (hardness 10, 50 hp, break DC 30) releases the chaos in one burst, destroying everything in a
fifty-foot spread. Raw chaos ignores hardness and damage reduction, treating all matter and all flesh the same. Raw chaos itself is destroyed as it destroys whatever it touches. A splash of raw chaos inflicts 10d6 points of damage on anything it touches—the matter simply
burns away in a cloud of steamy vapor. Raw chaos spilled on the floor may eat through the floor. If it inflicts damage in excess of the floor’s
hit points, it continues down to the level below (if any) and burns whatever is there. Immersion in raw chaos inflicts 20d6 points of damage per round. Exposed raw chaos consumes even the air, given enough time. Left in a perfectly sealed ten foot cubic chamber, a small bit of raw chaos
would destroy all the air in the room in about five hours, leaving nothing but vacuum.