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Nature Magic Items

Sap Sip Healers

These miraculous items are crafted by Dochar.  Each wooden tube contains a magical sap that heals.  Each tube has 25 doses and depending on the kind of tube either provides light, moderate , or serious healing. 

Light Healer
Cost is 1125gp 
25 uses (1d8+5) 

Moderate Healer
Cost is 6750gp
25 uses (2d8+10)

Heavy Healer
Cost is 16,800gp
25uses (3d8+15)


Palm sized mushroom that is purplish black. The cap of the mushroom swirls with primary colors almost like an opal. The mushroom grows in caves in subtropical coastal regions and can be used to heal wounds, cure maladies of the mind and cure blindness. 

Properties: Acts as a cure light wounds, lesser restoration and cure blindness cast as a 6th level cleric. 

Cost 300pg each 


Small mushrooms that appear in a variety of colors. Their caps are poka-dotted with white circles and they glow slightly especially in the presence of undead. 

Properties: Acts as a detect undead cast as a 3rd level cleric. 

Cost 50gp each.


These orange and pink bugs when dried lasts long and can be taken on the road. When dried they taste like tangy raspberries. They can be taken to heal wounds and nausea. Properties acts as a cure moderate wounds, and remove nausea cast as a 6th level cleric. Cost 350gp each

Salamander tears

These clear opalescent teardrop shaped sap shimmer with a faint glow. The plants they come from a sturdy palm type plant who’s sap exudes down the trunk. The trunk of the tree resembles scales like a lizard. The tears have been used to heal, treat disease and can be made into an oil that protects from fire. Properties Acts as a cure serious wounds, cure disease or Protection from energy (fire) cast as a 6th level cleric. Cost is 650gp.

Bilberry or ‘night sight berry’

These little berries are a deep blue color. In the sun they seem to have a deep red sheen that radiates throughout the berry. The taste is sweet and tart. They will provide low light vision for 1d4 hours per handful of berries eaten. Cost is 25gp per handful.

Laumspur or Cursebane 

This plant is more like a weed. Its thick stem dotted with huge thorny needles and large ragged leaved bursts into a brilliant purple flower that has a metallic hue. The flower has no odor but the milk of the plant does and is very musky. A field of these plants can be impressive in the sunlight. Though the top part is inedible the roots are the part you want. The are shaped almost like a human figures. They are very tough to dig out as their root systems travel very deep. Upon being removed from the soil the roots release a horrible black liquid substance that just oozes out of it. The smell is awful. However if the roots are properly prepared they make an excellent healing elixir and can remove most magical curses and some diseases. Cost is 750gp.


Growing on cliff side this durable plant’s leaves shimmer and amazing emerald color. They dazzle in the sunlight or moonlight like jewels. The problem with this plant is it seems to have a 2nd sense about someone approaching it and if threatened can puff up its leaves and float on the wind to another location where it will re-root itself. Trying to pick these plants can send a whole swarm into the air. They must be picked from a distance. An elixir of Windclamit can neutralize any poison or paralysis. Cost is 450 gp.


This vine grows a thick stout main stem that is almost like bark. The vines crimson colored leaved seem bloated and drip a crimson sap. Actually this is blood. The vine licked to bite any creature that comes near it and drains it of small amount of blood. The bark can be eaten. The bark can remove paralysis, restore drained abilities and cure deafness. Properties restores 1d4 Ability points. Cost is 450gp.

Serapoas Coral

A brilliant coral that changed color from peach to pink and grows in tropical climate reefs. This coral is more branch shaped and has a distinct energy about it. The coral can be made into an infusion that help to regenerate any severed limbs, or an oil that toughens the skin. Properties Acts as a Barkskin +2 for 1d4 hours. Cost is 500gp.

Maruera Starfish

These orange and white starfish grow in tropical climates and get as an adult size hand. The starfish have an amazing property. They must be kept alive and in fresh salt water but when placed over the mouth they allow and one to breath underwater normally as if on land. Cost is 950gp. Very Rare! 

Sesalli Jelly Fish

These brilliant white and blue jelly fish almost appear like ghosts in the water. Some say they have the ability to travel between this plane and the ethereal. The amazing aspect of them is their stinger. Yes it hurts! But only for a few moments. The sting of these aquatic creatures give the recipient the ability to maneuver underwater without any hindrances. Oh but there is one thing there sting is poisonous and can kill you. Have no fear, there is an antidote you can obtain easily and take before you get stung. Antidote cost is 750gp.

Teanithin Crystal Pearl

Legends say that during the great war a mighty ocean deity was slain and his essence poured into a bay where there was a clam bed. Now famous the Teanithin Clams create beautiful crystal and pearl spheres. Mostly they have been used for jewelry but psionic scholars have discovered that a Psion can use these crystal pearls to communicate telepathically with sea life as if a druid. The dust of these gems can be used in a potion to cure paralysis and petrifaction. Cost is 750gp.

Mithril Jelly

Pollen mixed from the Mithral lilies of the plains and the saliva of the azure dragonfly that pollinates the plant. The Mixture of these two substances produces a distinct teal colored substance. Made into an oil an applied to any weapon it infuses that weapon with magical properties and is a bane to evil. Cost is 300gp.

Dark Wood Webbing

Webbing from a spider that feeds on a silver moth from the dark wood forest. This webbing is prismatic hued and can actually fascinate a viewer if they look at under certain light conditions. Taking the webbing internally in a capsule allows one to not become encumbered by any means. As a freedom of movement spell. Cost is 450gp.

Corbin Nightshade Crawler

A grub that lives within the Corbin Nightshade trees. These grubs are very difficult to find but worth the search. The Corbin trees are home to several healing mushroom species however they radiate a shadowy essence that enshrouds the entire forest. You can use the grub to create shadowy darkness and also to detect pockets of healing mushrooms. Cost is 350gp.

Amitryne Gemstone

The purple and orange gemstone can be found near hills on the south western side of Ilysidor and heals ability damage. The stones Cost is 500gp.

Healio stone (sun stone)

Sunstone or Healio stone is metallic in appearance and appears reddish orange with shimmering metallic specs. These metallic specs create a reflection of light. Healio stones come from the southern continent’s fire kingdom and is widely available in most shops. These stones when enchanted can radiate light as the daylight spell. The stones cost is 300gp.

Healwell moss

This silvery purple moss grows from trees in humid swampy climates and gives off the distinct smell of plums. The glow faintly in the presence of evil and burn when exposed to direct sunlight. Burning the moss creates an effect similar to a sanctuary spell. The Cost is 100gp.


A golden yellow or golden green gemstone. Found in mines from the plains near Tau. The stone shimmers with a light. This stone is highly coveted and used mostly by the Dochar to heal almost anything. Cost is 2500gp. Dochar price is 1500gp. Very Rare!

Olaveris seaweed

Dark green and light green shaded seaweed grown at moderate depths in the ocean and is often a haven for small fish and the like. It is said that the races that live in the see use this for

Kari Bark

This bark comes from eth Kari trees found on the mythical isle of kalm. the Dochar trade the bark from the tree for supplies and goods. The bark is a mauve and green color that shimmers when in direct sunlight.

Liasha blossoms

This bejeweled fragrant lily scent intoxicates. It actually can stun someone from smelling it. From this flower infusions can be made to cure any mental malady or to stun someone.

Durian seed

A strange black seed that is found in an inedible fruit that grows in deep wooded areas. It has an amazingly durable husk that can be used in oils to protect against certain elements. Resist Energy 10 for 1d6 rounds 550gp.

Moon Shell Nautilus

This magical nautilus shell is found more in the northern water off the eastern coast of Ilysador. At night under a full moon the nautilus shimmer with a faint magical light similar to faire fire. The shells continue to glow under a full moon even out of the water. The shells have the power to cure deafness, protects against sonic attacks & cause a Blur effect 3500gp for 1d4 rounds.

Piper’s Poppet’s of Protection

The sorceress Piper Haus from Kanasko came up with a powerful yet simple magic item that can be used as a protective ward for adventurers. This small poppet contains a mixture of magical ingredients and arcane runes. A different magical effect occurs depending on the type of poppet. You can acquire poppets that enthrall its bearer and increase their zeal in combat. Or poppets that can protect their bearer from attack. And lastly you can find poppets that grant luck to their bearer. The Poppet’s act as a shield of protection spell +1 is 250gp, +2 550gp, +3 1050gp, +5 4500gp & +1 Luck. This effect last for 1d4 rounds.

Tat Heluan feather Stone

Fly 1250gp 1d4 hours

Swift Thorn

Haste 1250gp 1d6 rounds

Unicorns Thrall Stone 

Good Hope 3500gp 1d6 rounds


eat the fruit, turn into an animal! Gardeners trim the bushes into topiary forms revealing the kind of animal you'll become when eating from that particular bush

Sap Seer Oil

This oil derived from the Sap Seer Trees of Witchwood have a strange quality to allow one to interact with ghosts and the departed. Through an alchemical process it can be used to create an oil of ghost touch. 

Blood Oak Bark Ironhide  

A large, slow-growing tree with dense wood and cherry-red blossoms. When five pounds of its wood is pulped and mixed with one pound of its seeds, plus an alchemical brew whose composition is a secret of the Bloodforest elves, it forms a paste that can be rubbed onto a Medium creature as a full-round action.

For one hour, it acts as armor and feeds on the wearer's spilt blood to offer improved protection when it's needed. At first, it acts in all ways as a chain shirt. The first time the wearer takes more than 20 points of damage in one round, it feeds on the shed blood and grows thicker, acting as a breastplate. If the wearer then takes another 20 points of damage in one round, it acts as half-plate.

If the wearer takes no damage for one minute, it regresses back into a chain shirt.


Increasing longevity and replacing damaged limbs and organs - A docile variant of the bodythief plant is cultivated that allows people to produce limbs, organs or even fresh young bodies to house their old minds without losing their personalities in the process.

Light Mound

Energy production - A non-ambulatory hybrid of cyanobacteria and a shambling mound is produced that absorbs carbon to produce massive "wings" of algae that serve as solar-collecting panels. The hybrid acts as a high concentration photovoltaic system that converts sunlight into electricity and lightning rods are used to attract electricity to the mound during storms in order to supplement the solar collection. The stored energy is then siphoned from the plant to provide warmth and light to the community.

Green Fire Shards

Made from Kaladrian Crystals and imbued with Green Fire energy by the elves these powerful yet unstable stones imbue the users attacks with Greenfire energy. Perticularly effective against undead and vile plant creatures created by Blighters.