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(Least): 150 gp 
(Lesser); 500 gp 
(Greater) 1200gp
Body Slot: — (held)
Caster Level: 7th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) transmutation
Activation: Swift (command)
Weight: —
This small crystal glows with power. When held, a skill shard telepathically whispers its command word into your mind. When you activate it, you gain a competence bonus on your next check with a specific skill, chosen during the item's creation. The check must begin
before the end of your turn and must be completed within 10 minutes. A skill shard disintegrates when used.
Least: +2 competence bonus.
Lesser: +5 competence bonus.
Greater: +5 bonus and may use a skill that you have no ranks or training in.  You receive 1/2 your level in skill ranks. 

Crafted from Kh'laydrian crystals, spellshards are powerful crystal shards which usually contain a limited number of charges of a particular spell stored in them.  The novelty of the spellshard is that any one can use them, (no Use Magic Device check required) hence why they are so pricey. The cost of the spellshard is based upon the level of the spell stored within them and how many charges of that spell is contained within them. When a spellshard is completely drained of spells their is a 60% chance that the shard will simply crumble to dust.  If an empty spellshard  remains intact they usually sell for about 75gp each.  Used spellshards sell for much less then unused Kh'laydrian crystals, as the spellshard may not survive the process of  of recasting a new spell. 

Spell Level 1st-3rd costs  350gp / charge

Spell Level 4th-6th costs  1,250gp / charge

Spell Level 7th-9th  costs 21,50gp /charge

Price: 800 gp 
Body Slot: —
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura: Faint; (DC 16) abjuration
Activation: Free (command)
Weight: —
The facets of this small, translucent white crystal gleam with faint light. When activated, an power jewel adds 1d8 power / mana to your pool for a single round. These points can be invested as normal. Only one power jewel can be used in each round, and each can be used only once, after which it crumbles to dust. You need not hold an power jewel to activate it, but you must keep it somewhere on your body (in a pouch or a backpack, for example).

Price (Item Level): 1500gp
Body Slot: Throat
Caster Level: 5th
Aura: Faint; (DC 17) conjuration
Activation: Immediate (mental)
Weight: —
This small pendant contains a perfect sphere of aquamarine hung from a blue metal chain. These necklaces are boons to sailors and spelunkers alike, because they prevent accidental drowning. When activated, an amulet of aquatic salvation grants you the ability to breathe water (as the water breathing spell) 5th level caster. You also gives you the ability to conjure up fresh water for drinking as create water spell cast by a 5th level caster. 
An amulet of aquatic salvation functions three times per day.

This +2 heavy steel shield is fashioned to appear to be a roaring lion’s head. Three times per day as a free action, the lion’s head can be commanded to attack (independently of the shield wearer), biting with the wielder’s base attack bonus (including multiple attacks, if the wielder has them) and dealing 2d6 points of damage. This attack is in addition to any actions performed by the wielder. As well the shield allows the yielder to perform a psionic Lion's Charge 3x day. 
Moderate conjuration; CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, summon nature’s ally IV; Price 11,170 gp

Benign Transposition
Conjuration (Teleportation) 
Level: Sorcerer 1, Wizard 1, 
Components: V, 
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target: Two willing creatures of up to Large size
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Two target creatures, of which you may be one, instantly swap positions.
Both targets must be within range.
Objects carried by the target creatures (up to the creatures'
maximum loads) go with them, but other creatures do not, even if they are carried.
The movement is instantaneous and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.


These red leather bracers have golden trimmings. The wearer of these bracers is given an aura of good and the paladin's divine grace and aura of courage special abilities, as if they were a paladin of 1/2 their HD. If worn by a paladin, her divine grace and aura of courage have their effects increased as if they were a paladin 5 levels higher. 
Price: 56,000gp, Item Lvl: 18th, Caster level: 12th

This full plate armor +3 protects it's wearer from magical fire effects. The wearer is granted a spell resistance of 10 + the wearer's hit dice against Evocation [Fire] spells.  When struck by a Evocation Fire spell or spell like ability you channel the power of good and law into you, temporarily giving you powers similar to those of a paladin. You gain the ability to use detect evil at will as a spell-like ability, immunity to disease (suppressing any diseases currently affecting you), and immunity to fear (ending any fear effects currently affecting it); can lay on hands as a paladin of 1/2 your HD level; and can smite evil once as a paladin of 1/2 your HD level. You add your Charisma bonus to all saving throws. These abilities are available for 5 rounds. Any abilities not used by the time it expires are lost.  Though the spell resistance is constant the paladin abilities only can take effect 1/ day. Price: 50,000gp, Item Lvl:18th , Caster Level: 10th

This psychoactive skin is of a silvery metallic color and has several red stripes on the arms and legs and can only be worn by a psionic creature with a power point reserve. The armor increasing the effectiveness of inertial armor and force screen when worn by increasing the AC of both by +1/ 5 HD without the wearing needing to spend power points.  Price:12,000 , Item Lvl: 3rd, Caster Level:4th

The is cloak acts as a cloak of resistance +3 with one special power. The wearer of this green cloak may take 6 points of ability damage split amount any three abilities in order to cast raise dead, as the spell.  When taking ability damage can split the ability damage amongst different abilities. Provides +2 bonus when making saves against ability damage.  Price:54,000 , Item Lvl:18th , Caster Level: 10th

This Mithral Heavy shield +3 has a small green gem set in its center. The wielder of this shield may redirect any damaging, non-area effect spell upon its caster. To do this the wielder must ready an action against a designated spellcaster. If that caster casts a damaging non-area effect spell against the wielder, the wielder may make a reflex saving throw against the spell save DC. If the save succeeds the spell is redirected upon the caster. 3x day.  Price: 30,000, Item Lvl: 16th, Caster Level: 10th

This greataxe +3 has a adamantine handle and the blade is painted with a red star-like pattern. Whenever the wielder of this greataxe is being flanked the axe grants its wielder +3 to all attack rolls and a +3 deflection bonus to armor class. 3x day   Price: 47,950gp, Item Lvl:17th , Caster Level: 10th

This blue grenade-like weapon instantly destroys any creatures summoned by a Summon Nature's Ally or Summon Monster spell within a 10' radius. Price: 1800, Item Lvl: 4th , Caster Level: 6th

This small vile is filled with a strange glowing green substance. Every 24 hours the vile gains one charge. By opening the vile and poring out its contents, removing all the charges from the vile, the wielder creates a creature out of the green substance as if Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally had been cast at the level of the charges removed. Price: 9800, Item Lvl: 9th, Caster Level: 14th

This light blue Mithril Field Plate +4 makes its wearer feel extremely light and they feel as if the winds pass right through them, almost as if they weren't there. Her hair begins to appear as if it's being blow in the wind, even when there is no wind and her voice begins to sound very breathy and airy. The wearer is granted a fly speed equal to twice her base speed and and can use Elemental body III (air) 3x/ day. Price: 56,880, Item Lvl: 18th, Caster Level: 15th

AKROMA'S ARMOR "Wrath of Akroma"  (set item) 

"Angel" (+3 Mithral Half-plate)
This Mithral half-plate armor "Angel" has a large golden gem on the chest of the breastplate. It allows the wearer to cast magic circle against evil as the spell 3x/day. 
Price: 35,800gp, Item Lvl: 16th, Caster Level: 6th

"Guardian" (+2 Adamantine Bastardsword) 
This Bastard sword has a large golden gem on it's hilt that matches the breastplate. It allows its wearer's attacks to be good aligned and to be able to smite evil as a paladin of her HD.
Price: 16,320gp, Item Lvl:11th , Caster Level: 5th

"Defender"  (Mithral Bracers) 
These bracers have a large golden gem set in them and grant +2 to initiative and grant the wearer the spell align weapon up to 3x/ day. 
Price: 19,800gp, Item Lvl: 14th, Caster Level: 8th

"Al-Caira" (+4 Mithral Heavy Shield)
This Heavy Mithral shield has a large golden gem set in it. When yielded any damage that would reduce its wearer's hit points to less than 1 reduce it to one instead. 2x/ day Price: 64,000gp, Item Lvl: 19th, Caster Level:  12th

Full Set
When the entire set is worn by a creature of lawful good alignment, Up to 1x/ day the wearing can summon the power of a celestial. The creature's body transforms into an angelic being (The wielder's entire body becomes covered in white plating) gaining the angel subtype as large angelic wings grow out of the wearer's back granting her a fly speed of twice her base speed with good maneuverability.

+2 to initiative checks

Gains the combat reflexes feat

Gains the Evasion feat

Gains Darkvision 60 feet

Immunity to acid, cold, gaze attacks and petrification.

Resistance to electricity 10 and fire 10.

+4 racial bonus on saves against poison.

Gain DR 10/evil

Whenever you smite evil and successfully strikes an evil outsider, the outsider is also subject to a banishment, using your HD level as the caster level.

Protective Aura (Su) Against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures, this ability provides a +4 deflection bonus to AC and a +4 resistance bonus on saving throws to anyone within 20'. Otherwise, it functions as a magic circle against evil effect and a lesser globe of invulnerability, both with a radius of 20' (caster level equals HD).

Truespeech (Su) Can speak with any creature that has a language, as though using a tongues spell (caster level equal to Hit Dice). This ability is always active.

Non-lawful good creatures who don Akroma's Armor set must make a will save DC 25 + 1/per day worn or become lawful good permanently. They do not gain any of its benefits as long as they are not lawful good, and can not remove the set armor without the use of a remove curse, wish, or miracle spell until  they become lawful good. When the set armor is removed, the creature's body returns to normal, but any alignment change caused by the set armor remains.  

This +3 full plate armor grants it's wearer +4 to strength. The wearer may spend a standard action to give up her magical benefits from the armor to grant any creature within 30' a +2 sacred bonus to armor class and a +4 bonus to strength. The armor has no magical benefits for any non-good creature wearing it.  Price: 25,000gp , Item Lvl: 15th , Caster Level: 10th